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Our vision

What's NEXT for Faith Bible Church



We will intentionally enrich relational health and a culture of trust in all levels of leadership.

Healthy leadership is critical to a healthy church and a vibrant vision. As we prepare for what’s next for our church family, it is wise to focus on deepening trust and enhancing the collaborative beauty of our many leadership teams.



We will create a pipeline and culture of strategic leadership development, on diverse levels, for our church family and others.

The ministry of the church is done by the church, the saints, the entire family. In order to maximize discipleship efforts and the impact of our church calling, we will focus our efforts on specific leadership development in diverse areas of ministry and life.



We will saturate our city with the gospel and an ongoing presence of incarnate grace and truth.

We want to love our city well. We want our city to know that we are here, as representatives and ambassadors of Jesus. We will collaborate with other churches and ministries to redouble our efforts in local mission and evangelism as a next step in church leadership development.



We will prayerfully prepare for the expansion of our culture and calling as God directs.

A culture of trust where leaders are developed and sent out is the perfect context for expansion. We strongly believe God is leading us to prepare for the next step in pursuing the Matthew 28 commission and the Acts 1:8 paradigm, which is the responsibility of every healthy church.