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Year End Report 


A look back on numbers, stories and ministries

"…to show our readiness, taking precaution so that no one will discredit us in our administration of this generous gift; for we have regard for what is honorable, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men."
2 Corinthians 8:19-21 

Table of Contents

From Our Lead Pastor
A message from Scot Pollok

Faith Bible Audit 
View our audit report 

Flood Update
Priorities and financial implications

Meet Our Finance Committee
The team behind the numbers

Year at a Glance
Social media and ministry statistics

Stories From Our Church Family 
Courtney: It's Your Breath in My Lungs
From Our Treasurer 
A message from Mike Kowalski

Giving with Pushpay 
The benefits of online giving

Trends (2020-2021)
Giving and attendance trends

Financial Breakdown (2020-2021)
Expenses, budget, & missions

Stories From Our Church Family 
William: The Greatest Gift

Debt Service (2020-2021)
Beginning versus end of year debt balance
Budget Goals (2021-2022)
Budget for the new fiscal year

From Our Finance Director
A message from Patty Hardaway

Stories From Our Church Family 
Mike: The Blessing of Community 

Our New Vision
God's calling for our church

From Our Lead Pastor

As we look to the future, the best footing for the present is a thoughtful understanding of our past. This year-end report is all about a shared view of our recent past. Our 2020-2021 fiscal year (April-March) saw global challenges that had incredible local effect. Yet our church family not only endured, we thrived in many ways. Practical grace, community and generosity seemed to be the tools by which we bravely bore the strain, and we did so together. Every page, story and data point in this report is evidence. Thank you church. I love you.

Scot Pollok
Lead Pastor

Faith Bible Audit


During the 2020-2021 fiscal year, Batts Morrison Wales & Lee conducted a financial audit of our church's financial statements and activities. You can view Faith Bible's full audit report below.

Flood Update

Exactly 40 days before Easter, on February 17, a little after noon, our Facilities Manager discovered that the entire first floor of our office and student ministry wing was flooded with as much as two inches of water. Few will forget the record low temperatures the days prior. During that low, at least one pipe fitting burst on our fire sprinkler system and many thousands of gallons of water flooded that area of campus. Triage remediation happened immediately with an army of staff and church members, then total remediation began within days with an experienced and equipped outside contractor. With this extremely rapid response, damage was minimized. Insurance assessment, photo documentation and contents inventory began during remediation.

Our flood recovery priorities have been, 1) the continuance of student and kids ministry without major interruption, 2) the restoration of student ministry areas as quickly as possible (Northside and other areas were recently renovated), and 3) an assessment of long term needs and usage of our first floor office areas with short term temporary office solutions on the second floor.

Construction to restore the Student Ministry space in Northside, including the two large meeting rooms and small group rooms, started on April 5, 2021 and was completed on May 24, 2021. Faith Students began meeting back in Northside on June 20, 2021. During this same period, all employee offices were relocated upstairs by a fantastic and cheerful crew of volunteers from our church. We also took the opportunity during this time to provide some much-needed temporary accommodations in the Kids Ministry space.

The work with our insurance company on the final settlement to cover damages from the flood is progressing well and is nearly complete. We continue to work on the vision and develop the plan for the first-floor areas affected by the flood.  We hope to complete this process and reoccupy the space in early 2022.

Meet Our Finance Committee

Michael Kowalski

Retired CEO, CFO, Controller and
CPA, founding member of
Finance Committee, church

Patty Hardaway

Director of Finance, CPA

Randy Rieth

BSME, Registered PE Professional Engineer in State of Michigan, MBA in International Finance, Retired in 2002 from Ford Motor Company as Product Developer, Vehicle Line Program Manager, and Business Planner

Marilyn Butler

MBA and Ed.D in Higher Education Leadership, Crown Budget Coach and National Trainer, Faith Bible Financial Stewardship Ministry Chair, Faith Bible Benevolence Committee Liaison

Tom Gardner

MBA, registered investment banking representative, former registered equity analyst

Miles Freeman

Elder Liason to Finance Committee

Curt Beck

CPA, Investment Advisory Services, former church treasurer

Jeff Persyn

Commercial real estate and construction professional (CPM, RPA, RE License), Former Faith Bible Building Committee

Brian Hanley

Financial Advisor with Edward Jones

Year at a Glance


It's Your Breath in My Lungs

Stories From Our Church Family

In early February 2021, I went to get tested for what I believed to be strep throat, and instead tested positive for COVID. So great was my disbelief that I asked if they accidentally mixed up the test results. I ran a high fever for 10 days, concurrent with extreme nausea, headaches, sore throat, and loss of taste. The second week, I declined further and my husband drove me to the ER on icy, empty roads in the middle of Houston’s “snowpocalypse.” I had double pneumonia and low oxygen. The ER physician wanted me admitted, but after some pleading on my part, allowed me to go home with the assurance I would return if my oxygen remained low. Fear gripped my spirit, and I did a lot of  praying--many times on my knees. I prayed for a promise during those dark days, and God graciously gave me Psalm 33:18-19.

After 3 weeks, all praise to God, my oxygen levels increased. To say this was a humbling experience - both physically and spiritually - is putting it lightly. It has given me compassion towards the suffering, a stronger faith, and a renewed appreciation for my husband. I will forever raise my hands in praise when singing the words,  “It’s your breath in our lungs, so we pour out our praise. We pour out our praise!”
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Courtney Pelletier
Faith Bible Church Member

From Our Treasurer

A Message From Michael Kowalski, Faith Bible Treasurer

Giving With Pushpay

While we implemented Pushpay several years ago, we truly discovered what a blessing it is during the pandemic. With the postal service becoming less reliable, staff being out of the office and away from the check scanner that remotely deposits checks, contributions made through Pushpay were as easily processed as ever.  While we pay a small fee for using Pushpay, someone always pays a fee anywhere and anytime you use your credit or debit card. This is normal, acceptable business practice. Faith Bible considers those fees to be a good trade-off against manual processing of checks and cash which incur costs as well.

While we are able and willing to absorb the cost, many in our church have expressed their desire to participate in that fee-sharing. That's why we have enabled a feature in Pushpay that allows you, the donor, to share some of that cost.
In no way do we want you to stop contributing through Pushpay as it is by far the most efficient, timely and easiest way to contribute for both you and the church. To learn more about Puhspay and other ways to give, follow the button below.



Please Note: The financial information and graphic illustrations as presented below have not been subjected to the auditing procedures applied in the audit of the Church’s financial statements included elsewhere in the annual report. Such information is presented for purposes of additional analysis and is not covered by the auditor’s opinion on the Church’s financial statements.



Financial Breakdown


A Closer Look

Actual vs. Budgeted

Please Note: The Actual vs. Budget statement depicts the fiscal year activity in Faith Bible's General Fund. The amounts reported and how they are categorized reflect how income and expenditures are budgeted, accounted for and managed versus how they are required to be reported for financial statement reporting purposes. The information below is presented using different categories than those used in the audited financial statements included at the beginning of this report.


Missions have been a very important part of Faith Bible Church’s DNA from very early in its development.  Over the years, our church has steadily grown our reach into our local community and as well as to the ends of the earth.  The relationships that we have developed with sent missionaries as well as local and international strategic partnerships, allow us to very effectively deploy both our money and our people.  As evidence of our commitment, we spent much of this unusual year searching for and hiring the Missions Pastor that will build on the foundation.   Despite our success on that front, COVID severely curtailed our ability to travel internationally.  However, that did not stop the missionaries and our partners from continuing with their work.  To help facilitate their activities, we continued support to all of our missionaries at levels consistent with the previous year.  As mission trips may be constrained again in this coming year, the missions team has developed virtual mission trips to give more people the experience of visiting our partners.  I hope this coming year finds a unique opportunity for each of you to become involved in missions.

John Romain
Elder Chairman

The Greatest Gift

Stories From Our Church Family

William's Story One Year Ago: 

William's Story Today:

After 22 months of unemployment, God blessed me with a job offer from an HR Benefits Administration company outside of Chicago, IL. The job has been a welcomed challenge, and I see God’s grace and favor daily through my work and the new relationships I’m building with colleagues and clients. I know that He’s led me here for His purpose.

Previously, during my trial “job search,” I experienced every possible emotion that comes with the struggle. But the saving grace I encountered, and still hold to this day, is that God is forever present, forever in control, and extends grace even through the most difficult times. God was there through every unanswered job posting, every unreturned phone call, every rejection letter sent, and every finalist interview where I fell short of an offer. He led me through all the complexities of unemployment to land where I am today and for that I am truly thankful. While gaining a job has been a wonderful blessing and an answer to many prayers, the greatest gift I've received is God's grace and the new person I’ve become through Christ.
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William Gray 
Faith Bible Church Member

Debt Service


Budget Goals


From Our Director of Finance

A Message From Patty Hardaway

What more can be said about 2020?  All the adjectives to describe last year have been exhausted and overused. We frankly had no idea what to expect as far as the “business” of church.  So, we revised our giving and expense budget to prepare for the worst.

As we adjusted to stay at home orders, I was continually thanking God for His provisions in 2019 that enabled us to actually work from home.  All our systems are online/in the cloud and so we hardly missed a beat as we transitioned to the new workplace – home office, dining room, wherever. Complete with kids, dogs and whatever else attempted to divert our attention.

One “advantage” of the pandemic is that it caused us to take a hard look at our payment processes.  We had layers of procedures for how we received and processed invoices for payment.  From the approval, check printing, check signing, and mail out there were many inefficiencies – especially when we were not all together in the office.  We had heard many good things about, so we investigated it for processing and paying our bills. Now that we have implemented, the entire process takes place online: importing invoices, approvals and payments are easy and safe.  We are now able to pay people timelier and no longer have the costs associated with check stock, envelopes, and postage.
So, while we were unsure how the year would turn out and we planned for the worst, I have to say church, you really came through!  As the year progressed, the worst never came.  You faithfully continued to support Faith Bible and our vision. Thanks to you, many, many people have been impacted by our ministries.  Your generosity is what enables the church to build generations of Jesus followers who take grace to our world. May God continually bless you!
Patty Hardaway
Director of Finance

The Blessing of Community

Stories From Our Church Family

After being away for over 30 years, God led Lori and I back to Texas in the Spring of 2017. What initially drew us to Faith Bible Church was Scot’s authentic preaching and teaching. The other thing was how the church responded when hurricane Harvey hit that Summer. It was amazing to see the church in action serving so many devastated families.

Lori and I had been very active in our church in Marietta, GA. However, we intentionally avoided getting overly involved when we first joined Faith Bible. Eventually we started attending Don Ortolano’s adult community class and later joined a small group.

Today, Lori & I are blessed to help lead a small group of amazing servants who love the Lord and love and serve each other. I am also really excited to be involved in the re-launch of Faith Bible's Mens Ministry and cannot wait to see how God impacts the lives of men and their families through this ministry.

Mike Arnold
New Deacon 2021


Faith Bible NEXT

Our New Vision

After a beautiful review of God’s incredible faithfulness over the past year, what better way to end a Year-End Report than with a brief, exciting glimpse of our future. It just feels right.

So many things have changed. It’s hard to account for them all. The disruptions from COVID are still being processed, and there are many things that the last 18 months have revealed and changed. COVID gave us a restart. It offered a good opportunity to reset. But it also offered a sort of mandate to readjust, reconsider, recreate and revive. We talked a bunch about soul care because we needed to refocus on that. Then we shifted to a lot of talk about community, which is always and still a pressing priority.

Even in all of this change and readjustment, let me say with all the vigor I can muster, there are some things that have not changed, and will never change. The heart of our church family is as committed as ever. The deep needs of our city remain. The gospel has not changed. God’s grace is sufficient, and His incredible calling for us right here and right now hasn’t changed either.

The past few years have confirmed many of the points of this God-calling that were planted years before that. Even though as Lead Pastor I am constantly praying and thinking and talking about vision, since the summer of 2020 we have given specific and prayerful attention to what God is calling us to next. Where He is specifically leading and focusing us. What Spirit-led challenges to which He is inviting us. His vision for Faith Bible Church.

Since early August we’ve been discussing vision in our Sunday worship gatherings, in general and specific ways. And while we will continue to do this consistently, I’d like to share with you again the four things that we joyfully believe God has called us - all of us, our entire church family - to engage over the next few years. 
First, we will intentionally enrich relational health and a culture of trust in all levels of leadership because there is so much at stake. We will continue to nurture and deepen the culture of trust, transparency and protective love in all levels of church and ministry leadership as the root and heart of the other three points that God has revealed. This will enable us to create a pipeline and culture of strategic leadership development, on diverse levels, for our church family and others, which is our second point of vision.

These two points of emphasis will provide a launch platform for our third point of vision, saturating our city with the gospel of grace and an ongoing ministry and mission presence. Finally, we will seek God’s guidance and grace toward the expansion of our unique church DNA through strategic, missional multiplication, even though we do not yet know what that will look like specifically.

With these four points of vision in mind, I invite you to join us in prayer. Pray first that God would inspire our entire family as we pursue the vision He has given. Second, pray that God would reveal the specific ares where you will play a vital role within it. We will be talking about this vision regularly in the months and years ahead, but I thought it purposeful and relevant to include it here in this year end report. Hopefully it will fuel your prayers for what lies ahead.

We build generations of Jesus followers who take grace to our world.