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Year End Report 


A look back on numbers, stories and ministries

Table of Contents

From Our Oversight Team
A message from Chad Melton

Faith Bible Audit 
Audit Report

Building Next 
Building update from Jeff Persyn

Year at a Glance
Social media and ministry statistics
From Our Operations Team 
A message from Lance Terry

Trends (2021-2022)
Giving and attendance trends

Financial Breakdown (2021-2022)
Expenses, budget, & missions
Debt Service (2021-2022)
Beginning versus end of year debt balance

Budget Goals (2022-2023)
Budget for the new fiscal year

Meet Our Finance Committee
The team behind the numbers
Chad Melton
Pastor of Ministries

From Our Oversight Team

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen" (Hebrews 11:1). Many people think faith is some kind of imaginary hope or wishful thinking, but biblical faith is the complete opposite. As believers, we see evidence of how God has provided for us in the past, and that gives us hope for what He will do in the future, even when we don't see what’s coming next.

This past year has been a great example of biblical faith. We had some difficult challenges: limited space due to Phase One construction, staff transitions, COVID, and crazy economic times to name a few. But God continues to bless our church. As displayed in the Year End Report below, more people engaged in Sunday worship, mid-week ministries, and service, we continued to pay down debt, and we began renovating our new building. Even in the midst of trials, our church has remained strong and healthy, and we believe we are better because of these trials.

I pray God's faithfulness gives everyone faith to step out and try something new this next year. Where will you serve? Who will you disciple? Who will you tell about Jesus? Who will you invite to church? Let’s celebrate what God has done at Faith Bible, and let that give us courage to take a giant leap of faith this year.

Faith Bible Audit


Batts Morrison Wales & Lee conducted an audit of our church’s financial statements for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

Building Next

Phase One Update from Jeff Persyn

There is good news to report regarding the Phase I Renovation.  With less than six months remaining, the project is on schedule for occupancy by the end of 2022. Despite constructibility issues and a challenging inflationary and supply chain environment, our team of designers, contractors, suppliers, and staff have succeeded in keeping us on schedule and the cost contained. God has certainly blessed us with both favor and trials.
Phase 1 is our original facility on the property built over 25 years ago. Circling back to renovate this building is, in part, the conclusion of a multi-phased facility plan executed over many years to keep pace with our growing church. It is what we are currently calling Building Next.
The renovations include enlarging and modernizing the church office, expanding and improving the kids' area, building a new annex for special events, and remodeling the restrooms.
Assembly Room (artist rendition)
Staff Offices (artist rendition)
On the technical side, Fire Protection, Security Access Control, Security Cameras, and IT Systems will all be modernized. Each of these important systems will be consolidated campus-wide to provide the best in safety and security for those who enter the doors of our church.
Demolition and foundation work is finished, steel and timber framing are nearly complete, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough-ins are ongoing.
As exciting as it is to share the progress and current success of the Phase I Renovation, you are invited to participate individually and play a critical role in our Building Next campaign through your prayers and financial support. Building Next is a great opportunity to grow in intentional, cheerful, generosity and ultimately, an important step forward in our mission of building generations of Jesus followers.

Year at a Glance


"The women’s Bible studies far exceeded my expectations. The curriculum plus honest, biblically-based discussions enhanced my faith walk, and the women I am blessed to know through these studies enriched my life. They are my sisters and have become treasured friends to walk with through life."
- Susan Smith 

From Our Operation Team

Lance Terry
Director of Operations
2021-2022 was a time of transition in our church and uncertainty in our world, but we are so thankful for the continued generosity of our people. Thanks to you, we funded all of our ministries here and mission partners around the world.

This year was also an exciting time for our staff with the formation of our personnel advisory committee. This talented team of church members has volunteered their time and energy to advise us on all things personnel related.  Along with our staff, they’re looking at compensation philosophy, church policies, and leadership development to ensure that Faith Bible continues to have a staff culture that grows healthier every year.

As we look to the new year, we’re counting on you to help us accomplish our mission to build generations of Jesus followers who take grace to our world. Through our various ministries, mission efforts, and facility renovation, our staff is committed to accomplishing the next steps in this mission. We’re so thankful for your generosity as a church and counting on you to help us continue that work in 2022-2023.



Please Note: The financial information and graphic illustrations as presented below have not been subjected to the auditing procedures applied in the audit of the Church’s financial statements. The audit is posted at the beginning of this report. Such information is presented for purposes of additional analysis and is not covered by the auditor’s opinion on the Church’s financial statements.



Leaving the military to pursue a counseling degree brought its own anxieties. But Faith Bible Church's Care & Counseling team aided me in my transition, by bringing me in as a summer intern. Here I gained the experience of helping multiple ministries support the needs of others. This team made me part of their family and gave me a sense of belonging as I chased Christ.
-Chris Ayala

Financial Breakdown


A Closer Look

"When our Student Pastor Justin asked me to be on Faith Students Leadership Team, I was nervous, but this opportunity drew me out of my comfort zone and grew my trust in the Lord. The friends I made in Faith Students have strengthen my faith during my high school years."
- David Unruh

Actual vs. Budgeted

Please Note: The Actual vs. Budget statement depicts the fiscal year activity in Faith Bible's General Fund. The amounts reported and how they are categorized reflect how income and expenditures are budgeted, accounted for and managed versus how they are required to be reported for financial statement reporting purposes. The information below is presented using different categories than those used in the audited financial statements. The audit is posted at the beginning of this report.
"The Faith Men's Authentic Manhood study highlighted the importance of pressing into my relationship with God. The environment felt safe to engage in intimate conversations regarding the issues of life that we men rarely discuss."
- Kwasi English


From Our Missions Team

Jesse Marcos
Missions Pastor
What an exciting year it has been in Missions! Although Covid continued to cloud over Missions, the Lord has moved His kingdom forward. We are committed to taking the Gospel locally and globally.

This past fiscal year, we commissioned Toby and Jennifer Lee to serve full-time in Albania. In Local Missions, our Texas Prison Missionary Carl Etchison shares how Covid shut his team out of prisons. As they finally returned, Carl witnessed 60 prisoners in one unit get baptized! These are just two examples of how the Lord gives us the privilege to be a part of His Harvest. Thank you, Faith Bible Church, for your generosity.
"In 2021-2022, I led a small group at the Women's morning Bible study for the first time. I was incredibly blessed by the study but mostly by the ladies in my group and by the other leaders. The relationships built during those sessions uplifted and fed my soul."
- Jeannette Jones

Debt Service


"The Men of Faith study highlights the reality that all men have 'stuff' packed away that we bring into every day life. Handing the past over to God allows the Holy Spirit to work on, heal, and provide avenues of growth and leadership that wouldn’t be available otherwise."
- Nick Knight

Budget Goals


"When I first entered student ministry, I went for two reasons: I wanted to see my friends and my parents made me. But slowly after a while, my heart warmed up to the fact that God wanted a genuine relationship with me. Now I go to church for a different reason, to know and understand God."
- JoHanna Wegner

Meet Our Finance Committee

Patty Hardaway

Director of Finance, CPA

Michael Kowalski

Retired CEO, CFO, Controller and
CPA, founding member of
Finance Committee, church

Miles Freeman

Elder Liason to Finance Committee

Randy Rieth

BSME, Registered PE Professional Engineer in State of Michigan, MBA in International Finance, Retired in 2002 from Ford Motor Company as Product Developer, Vehicle Line Program Manager, and Business Planner

Adrienne Yust

Assistant Director of Finance, CPA

Marilyn Butler

MBA and Ed.D in Higher Education Leadership, Crown Budget Coach and National Trainer, Faith Bible Financial Stewardship Ministry Chair, Faith Bible Benevolence Committee Liaison

Tom Gardner

MBA, registered investment banking representative, former registered equity analyst

Brian Hanley

Financial Advisor with Edward Jones

Lance Terry

Director of Operations

Curt Beck

CPA, Investment Advisory Services, former church treasurer

Jeff Persyn

Commercial real estate and construction professional (CPM, RPA, RE License), Former Faith Bible Building Committee
"Participating in re:generation refreshed and refocused my walk with God. Examining, confessing and turning from my sin patterns both deepened my dependence on God’s grace and grew my relationships with others. Re:gen is an incredible tool for reaching adults in our community with the hope and love of Christ!"
- Kerri McWilliams

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