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Limitless Grace: Hosea 2-3

Hosea 2-3 Discussion Questions

The Big Idea: God’s discipline is part of his limitless grace because it brings us back to Him.

Icebreaker – Tell the group about a time when someone corrected a mistake you
made. How did they do it, and how did it make you feel?

Read Hosea 2:2-13
  • What did God’s people do? Why did they deserve a rebuke?
  • How have God’s people done this?

Read Exodus 17:1–7
  • What had Israel forgotten about? Why did this make their actions even
  • more inexcusable in Hosea’s time?
  • How does God discipline his people? What is this intended to achieve?
  • Why does God promise to “hedge up her way with thorns”? How might this be kindness?
  • What will removing the grain, wine, wool, and linen (v 9) achieve?

Read Ezekiel 16:1–19
  • What does this passage tell us about the relationship between God and his people?

Read Luke 15:11–24
  • What do this parable of Jesus and Hosea 2 :2–13, tell us about a life lived without God?
  • How should we react when we realize we’ve turned away from God?
  • Why is it good news that God disciplines his people?
  • How should we respond when God disciplines us through the circumstances we face?
  • How is verse 14 a turning point?
  • How are Israel’s problems turned around in these verses?
  • What would being led “into the wilderness” (v 14) have reminded Israel of?
  • What is shocking about 3:1?
  • What is shocking about verse 2?
  • Look at what Hosea is to do for Gomer and say to Gomer. How is this a picture of God and his people?

Read 1 Peter 1:18–19
  • How do Hosea’s actions point us toward Jesus’ death?
  • How did Gomer show that she appreciated what Hosea had done for her and returned to live with him as his wife? What does this tell us about our relationship with God as his redeemed people?
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