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Meet Megan Jurek

Meet Megan Jurek

Throughout my life, there have been seasons where I felt as though I was at a standstill, holding pattern. A major life change preceded each season.

The first season took place after completing a Theatre program in PA, and I was waiting to hear back about a job at the same company. After two months of waiting, the answer came, and I was back in PA within a week of being offered the position.

The second season occurred five years later, after I had finished my time at the same Theatre company and returned home to Texas. The third period of waiting came upon my return from a mission trip to Albania in 2019, which ultimately led to my enrollment at Grace School of Theology.

With each of these seasons came a crisis of direction, purpose, and identity. It was never a question of whether God was real, moving, or in control; rather, I wondered if God had a specific purpose for me. And if so, when would He let me in on His plan? Every time, without fail, the Lord was faithful to reveal the next step at exactly the right time. When God provided an answer, I wasted no time in taking that long-awaited step forward.

Earlier this year another major life change struck, one which has thrown me into a tailspin and back into another season of waiting. Waiting for understanding and answers. Waiting for healing and direction. Waiting for a glimpse of how God is working His good in my pain, confusion, and brokenness.

In seasons of waiting, I’ve learned that while I may waste time or feel as though I’m wasting time, the truth is that God never wastes a moment of my life. He is always at work, weaving, molding, shaping, healing, and preparing, if only I would have eyes to see.

Something I’ve learned these past few months is to do the good that is right in front of me. Whether that is opening the door for a stranger, listening to someone’s story, or offering a smile or word of encouragement, there is always good to be shared. This is the ministry of presence. As you wait, be present wherever the Lord has you, listening and learning all He wants to teach you, ready to move when He says, “This is the way, walk in it.”
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