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Meet Ana Arvizu

Meet Ana Arvizu

When I was younger, I was always curious about God and Jesus, but I didn't know much about Him. However, as I got older and my family changed denominations, I started to know God more.

In my early teens things took two drastic turns. At the time, I was “on fire for God," my family and I were serving, and we were very involved in our previous church. But at school, I was a completely different person. I decided to feed into the school side of my life instead of the other.

At 18, I ruined the trust of my parents and church family by making a poor choice. In the span of 4 years everything changed. I lost everything I believed I was and stopped believing in God. I walked away from the calling He had on my life at that time. The only good thing that came out of the situation was I finally started having a relationship with my mom.

One day I asked my mom to help me look for a church to attend since I was moving to The Woodlands area. I started attending a local church, and I got baptized. During this time, I was spending a lot of time in God's Word and searching for a place where I could meet people around my age and life stage to walk with through life. I truly wanted friends.

In February 2022, there was a Young Adult music and coffee night at Faith Bible. I almost didn’t go because of my social anxiety, but as I talked to my mom on the phone, she said, “What if God showed you this for a reason, and it could be the best thing that will happen, but you would never know because you didn't go inside.” So I went into the church and met two of the nicest girls who just talked to me and got to know me.

I also met the Young Adults leader, Kayla, and she invited me to the Thursday night Young Adults gathering at Faith Bible. I started going for a while, but my anxiety and depression worsened, so I stopped. One day, Kayla texted me and asked how I was doing and invited me to a Job study. I felt so loved by everyone at the study, even by the new faces.

Soon after, I served at the Faith Students summer camp. During that time, I met some of the sweetest girls and received an answer to my prayers - I found a ministry to serve in.

This November will be my one year anniversary of rededication to the Lord. Last summer was hard. I was torn between two churches I loved and knew I had to choose one. After prayer and direction from God, I chose to attend Faith Bible Church.
The church switch and life, in general, has been difficult, but there hasn't been a moment where I felt alone because my church friends check up on me and walk with me hand in hand. They know my struggles and fears and still choose to love and be there for me while directing me to lean on God. It’s been a blessing and answer to prayer to serve with these friends and now officially go to church with them.
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