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Meet Kem Oberholtzer

Meet Kem Oberholtzer

I was born at a very young age!  I was premature and weighed in at 2 pounds
6 ounces.  I had a rough start in life.  Oh, I did survive.  I was raised in Tyler behind the Texas “Pinecone Curtain.”

I am the oldest of four brothers and sisters. We were a middle-class family with a strong father and loving mom. As kids, we were actively involved in church and a plethora of activities.  Church was a primary social point for our family.  I was a “church going” individual with a respect for God.

I attended college at “Harvard of the Southwest,” S.F.A. in Nacogdoches, Texas. During this time, I experienced difficulties in a dating relationship and sought counsel at a church in Nacogdoches. After meeting the pastor, he saw my distress and shared a booklet called the Four Spiritual Laws.
Here are the “Four Laws” with my responses:
  • God loves you. (Check, raised in church)
  • Man is sinful. (Check, I’m a college student)
  • Jesus died for my sins. (Check, I read that somewhere in the Bible)
  • We must individually believe/trust in Jesus for eternal life. (SAY WHAT?)    
The pastor gently asked me if I would like to trust Jesus to be my Savior. My response, "yes." On October 28, 1970, at 9:15 am, I believed in Jesus for eternal life! This was the beginning of my lifelong pursuit of Jesus.

Following my new birth, the Lord lead me through key milestones that have shaped my faith. I resolved the relationship problem and married Jan. We have now been married over fifty years! I worked as a Graphic Designer, raised a family (Mollie and Luke and now 2 grandchildren), graduated from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon (M.Div. & Th.M.) and Dallas Theological Seminary (Ph.D.). I pastored in various churches and helped start Western Seminary Phoenix and Grace School of Theology. I served as Professor of Biblical Literature and Academic Dean. Currently, I’m the founder of Grace Rock Ministries, a teaching and discipleship ministry.  I also teach the Kindred Spirits Adult Community at Faith Bible.

We have been at Faith for 19 years and love the people and ministries!  My greatest desire it to help people know Jesus and mature in their walk with Him.
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