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Meet Mike Anglin

Meet Mike Anglin

My wife, Diane, and I have attended Faith Bible since 1991. We were both raised in “graceless” denominations and stopped attending church in college. We concluded that we could never be good enough to earn God’s favor, so why try? But we never felt “settled” on that path.

While backpacking around Europe after college, I ran across the CS Lewis book, “Mere Christianity.” As I started reading it, an unusual thing happened - - it seemed like every day I ended up in a conversation with a Christian. One day, it was a missionary who was the only other person in a train compartment. Another day, it was a Christian who picked me up as I hitchhiked. After a week of feeling “almost surrounded by God’s people,” I decided to trust Jesus for my salvation.

Unfortunately, I did not follow that decision by immediately attending a church that taught the Bible. But after almost another decade of bad decisions, I started to understand the true gospel.

My first exposure to solid Bible teaching came from a tape ministry from Berachah Church in Houston. I was working as a Chevron refinery engineer in Hawaii and had recently met my wife Diane who was attending grad school in Hawaii. We were both searching for God. As we listened to those sermon tapes from far-away Texas, we heard the gospel of grace. It seemed almost too good to be true. Where had it been all our lives?

Later, Diane and I married, transferred to California, and found a great Bible church where we began to grow as Christians. We eventually transferred to Houston and found Faith Bible. After 30 years, Faith Bible continues to bless us with teaching, fellowship, and opportunities to serve.

One year, I went on a Faith Bible mission trip where I met 80-year-old Del Underwood. I learned that decades ago he helped start the Berachah tape ministry, which had resulted in Diane and I hearing the gospel. You should have seen his face when I told him how we had been reached! It was a good reminder that by serving, we bless God and others, and we ourselves are also blessed.
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