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Leadership Update: May 4, 2022

Church Family,

We want you to know that God is at work in our search! We have engaged some qualified candidates, and God is using this time to grow and prepare us for the pastor He will bring in His timing. Below are a few updates regarding our search.
Our Teams
We introduced a process of three teams working together to discover the lead teaching pastor God is calling to our church.

The teams and their focus:
  • Sourcing Team – A team devoted to pursuing and identifying qualified candidates through multiple channels.
  • Search Team – A diverse team that will use their history at Faith Bible and their deep experience in evaluating candidates to assess skills and gifts based on the job description and direction of our elder board and leadership team.
  • Theology Team – A team that carries a deep theological understanding of Faith Bible free grace theology as well as the original text. This team is digging deep through questionnaires and interviews to thoroughly assess the theology of each candidate we are considering.
What God is Doing
God is bringing qualified candidates our way. We have interviewed four strong candidates since we started, and each of those candidates has reached different stages of the process. We are also actively working through additional candidates who have applied.

We have developed a process that has been significantly refined from our interview and evaluation experience. This refinement has resulted from candidate feedback on the process, as well as the improvement that comes from practice and team debriefs.

How Much Longer?
We look back at the last four months and see how much God has already done. We look forward patiently and expectantly, not knowing God's timing. Whether it's a few more months or even beyond a year, we are committed to putting in the time necessary to find the right pastor for our church. In the meantime, we remain blessed by our current teaching team and have full confidence in God’s continued care for our church.

Please continue to pray. Please pray for the right candidate at the right time and that God will continue to tune our ears to hear His voice. He is working, church. We will keep you updated as He does.

Faith Bible Search Team

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