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Meet Donnie Wahlquist

Meet Donnie Wahlquist

Growing up, I didn’t understand anything about God, and I only attended church a few times. My parents raised us to live by “The Golden Rule” and other moral rules. We benefited from living by biblical principles, even though we weren’t seeking God. Just before my senior year of college, my twin brother and I discovered the truth about God. We learned God wanted a relationship with us and He wanted to guide us and give us purpose. Life wasn’t just about living well and treating others well. God wanted a relationship. I was made to worship God. During a Bible conference, my twin and I both accepted Jesus as Savior and God made my life meaningful.

I began to read the Bible for the first time in my life and I was totally surprised by the topics and wisdom in the book of Romans. I had always dreaded reading but, suddenly, I had a thirst for reading because there was something so worthy of my reading. During my senior year of college, God provided me with wisdom and guidance in selecting from the many available job opportunities, and I took a job in Houston. He also provided guidance as I met and married Tricia one year later.

I totally concur with former Lead Pastor Scot Pollok, “the best way to find a spouse is to run after God and look around to see who is running with you” (paraphrased). That certainly happened with Tricia and me, and I wasn’t even looking.

Small groups have been a part of our married life from the beginning. It is a fundamental way to meet with other believers and have meaningful discussions about life decisions in front of us, and to keep us focused on the most important things. This builds on top of individual prayer and personal Bible study.

When we moved to Spring nine years ago, in looking for a new church, we were immediately drawn to Faith Bible Church from the information on the website. Faith Bible affirmed Biblically-based doctrine, was led by elders, and focused on missions. Once we attended and heard the excellent teaching from the pulpit, as well as the great teaching and fellowship in adult community classes, we were quickly hooked. Soon after, we began leading a new small group.

It is clear to me that God has directed my life in our marriage, our family, and my career. I know better than to take credit, and I give all praise and thanks to God for His many blessings.
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