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Look About or Look Above: Psalm 121

Look About or Look Above: Psalm 121
John Witte

Instead of looking about to some created thing to stabilize us in uncertain times, the Psalmist encouraged us to look above to the Creator of all things because of his caring character.

Jesus taught the very same thing in Luke 12.29-30. Our heavenly Father knows what we needs, cares, and can be trusted.

Abraham looked above when he gave Lot first choice of where to live due to the drought in Palestine. He knew Lot would choose the Jordan Valley because there was grass and water there. So why did he give him first choice, when culturally he had every right to claim the first choice himself?

He trusted the God who created all things. God had already promised him the land in Genesis 12.7, and in 13.14-17 he reiterated this promise. This is known as the Palestinian or Land Covenant.

As religious people we expect to be told to look above to God in uncertain times, but how do we actually do it? WE LOOK ABOVE BY LOOKING OUT FOR THE PERSON IN NEED.

Abraham looked out for Lot. He gave up his privileges and rights to secure Lot’s life.

Group Questions
  1. Before jumping into application questions, was there anything in this talk by Witte that was insightful for you that helped you as you think about facing challenges?
  2. What issues are most destabilizing you or your family and/or friends right now?
  3. How do you see most people trying to deal with the challenges they face?
  4. Why do you think it’s so common for people to look about for a quick fix to their problems? What’s the problem with quick fixes to life’s problems?
  5. If you were Abraham facing a drought like he did would you have gone to Egypt to escape?
  6. If you were Sarah, would you have agreed to tell everyone you were just Abraham’s sister?
  7. How did the dowry system actually increase Abraham’s problem?
  8. Why should Lot have gone to Abraham and given him first choice about where to live?
  9. Why did Abraham know what Lot would choose before he chose it?
  10. How do we actually look above to God in uncertain times?
  11. How are you thinking/planning to look out for someone else in need this week? (did you take a roll of toilet paper?)
  12. How could your group look out for others? How could Faith Bible Church look out for others?
  13. How does looking out for others show that we love God?
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