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Meet Jenni Winter

Meet Jenni Winter

I grew up in a Christian family, going to church anytime the doors were open! I made the decision to accept Christ at the age of 9. However, I would definitely say that I've been missing out on a true, intimate relationship with Him.

At a young age, I was sexually abused. Not knowing how to handle it, I kept it a secret. This caused me to go into a pattern of self-protection and "hiding" that would continue my whole life. Because of this, I've spent years feeling alone, while on the outside maintaining a "put together" appearance. I looked to people and activities to validate me; to cover a wound that only I knew existed. But, no connection could fill the void, and the pressure I placed on those in my life to fill that void wasn't healthy. 

At a time when I was truly in a desperate place, my sister-in-law invited me to re:generation! I was literally a hot disheveled mess on that first night. My outside appearance was a perfect representation of what was happening on the inside. All my effort to present a put-together, good Christian image was falling apart because I was leaning on my own effort and my own strength instead of His.

I’ve learned some really important truths on this journey. God knows all of me and loves all of me. The put-together parts I rejoice in and the parts I've hidden away out of shame. He wants to break down every barrier between us that would keep us from a truly intimate relationship. While I have always believed that He is the one and only true God, my view of Him has dramatically changed from a ruler sitting on a throne of judgement, to a Father sitting next to me with His arms wrapped around me tight.

I am so beyond grateful for the way He has shown me this through my re:generation community! The gift of feeling safe enough to come out of hiding and be 100% open, vulnerable and real with a group of women who are willing to do the same, has been one of the sweetest blessings of my life. And of course, it happened when I stopped pretending to have it all together. Go figure! Please hear me when I say, I know that His love and grace are abounding. There is no tiny hidden crevice that He isn't willing to go into to show you His great love. I am proud to say, "My name is Jenni and I have a new life in Christ!"
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