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A Devo From Scot - Psalm 11

Dear Church,

Waiting on God can be a crushing experience. Most would choose His heavy conviction of sin or the demanding aspects of a difficult calling over the often unbearable experience of His patience. This is no more true than when your circumstances seem to be conspiring against you. This seems to be the culture of Psalm 11, another psalm of David. I invite you to read it for yourself now. It’s short. Try reading it multiple times.

What do the righteous do when the ground beneath them is shaking? Worse than a physical earthquake, this seems to be the shaking and testing of David’s faith - the content of his faith - even the character of the Object of his faith, in the midst of serious attack and pressure. “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Verse 3. This is the question. The rest of the psalm is the answer.

The remaining four verses are simple yet sharp reminders for David. He clearly wrote this prayer-song for himself, and God in His wisdom preserved it for us three millennia later. “The LORD is in His holy temple” right where He should be. Right where He promises to be. Although it is a common assumption, catastrophes here below do not imply a vacant throne above the universe. He sees. He knows. “He tests the righteous and the wicked.” He will act at some point; soon or distant timing doesn’t matter as much as the fact of His future action. “For the LORD is righteous and He loves righteousness.” This is enough to revive a staggering faith. Believe me friend, it is enough.

It is enough to remind even yourself, “In the LORD I take refuge.”

Where are you hiding today?

I love you church.
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