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A Devo From Scot - Psalm 8

Dear Church,

I find it curious that our common concept of strength is largely (perhaps unconsciously) focused on something like the ability to lift a heavy object. I know it’s more than that, but it’s definitely not less. When it comes to a mental picture of strength, most of us start there. Strength = muscle, pain tolerance, fortitude, stamina. We see, discreetly, a woman in childbirth or, up close, a man building a fence in the Rockies. Cue commercial voiceover.

What mental image appears when you consider God’s strength? Think about it for a second. How does your soul connect God’s strength to a more tangible picture or idea? To aid and adjust your answer to that question, I invite you to Psalm 8 today. Please take a moment to read it for yourself. The whole of this short devotional will not make sense unless you do that. Psalm 8.

The backbone of Psalm 8 is made up of three linked words and ideas: majesty - strength - work. David, the author, is focused on the majesty of God. That is his goal, thus the opening and closing lines. But how does he enter the subject? How does he illustrate such a lofty idea? He chooses strength. The key verse to the whole psalm is verse 2. “From the mouth of infants and nursing babes You have established strength because of your adversaries, to make the enemy and the revengeful cease.”

You see, my friend, God’s strength is not ultimately seen in His ability to move mountains, which He can do with a thought. Rather, in His wisdom, God chooses to demonstrate His strength in the often forgotten act of filling that which is weak and helpless. True strength is seen when He who is strong can make strong he who is helpless. Verses 3 through 8 of Psalm 8, a gorgeous and poetic review of Genesis 1:26-28, focuses on the strength of God displayed within His work in mankind - woman and man - Adam and Eve - and by extension you, dear believer. He has delegated rule, authorized power, established value, engineered a universal second-place focus on woman and man (first place always reserved for God Himself).

All of this is intended to inspire a greater capacity to see God’s Majesty, His King-ship, His rule, honor, authority and goodness. "How majestic is Your name is all the earth!” Join David today in awe of God’s majestic strength.

I love you church.
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