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Faith Bible NEXT: Acts 3 and 4

Faith Bible NEXT :: Vision Series
August 29, 2021 :: Acts 3 and 4

Today we continue our vision series by engaging the third point of emphasis God has revealed: we will saturate our city with the gospel and an ongoing presence of grace and truth.

By “city” we mean the people that you live, work and move around, whatever the particular zip code is. This vision point includes The Woodlands, Texas, but is much larger than it alone. Our “city” is the group of people that form our extended neighbors, those who live in our extended sphere, those that share the same local culture and geographical identity.

To engage this point biblically, we will look at Acts 3 and 4, an extended episode of Peter and John particularly, and large city-groups of Jesus followers generally. Take some time to read or reread it and familiarize yourself. What you will see becomes a bit of a loose paradigm for the rest of the book of Acts:
- Preach Jesus and/or heal in the name of Jesus
- Get into trouble with leaders opposed to Jesus - especially His resurrection
- Be imprisoned or punished for the sake of Jesus
- Have an opportunity to share Jesus again with leaders or guards or prisoners
- Be released by the power of God
- Rejoin other Jesus followers and praise God
- Pray for more confidence and boldness to continue to preach in the name of Jesus
- Be filled with the Holy Spirit and power for continued endurance for ministry

As you read Acts 3 and 4, notice this paradigm and pay special attention to the impact of the “city”. This is central to the point of these chapters.

Group Discussion Questions:
  1. In Acts 3-4, who are the main characters and how would you describe their actions and motivations? What seems to be their main concern and burden?
  2. Where are how do you see God’s intervening and providential work in this text?
  3. Where in the text do you see the impact of the “city”? What is the impact?
  4. As we specifically engage point 3 of our vision - Faith Bible NEXT - how does Acts 3-4 inspire or equip you to personally participate in this aspect of God’s calling?
  5. What does “saturate with the gospel” mean to you?
  6. With your group, relate a time when you’ve shared the gospel with someone. Recall how you felt and the person’s response.
  7. Share - anonymously - a relationship with someone far from God with whom you both shared the gospel and lived it out for a long period of time. How is this different than simply sharing a gospel presentation in a moment?
  8. In your opinion, what are the chief obstacles and challenges to this vision point?
  9. What are the principal joys potential in a pursuit of this vision point?
  10. Identify at least three specific prayer requests related to saturating our city with the gospel and close your group time in prayer.
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