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Meet Suzanne Landrum

Meet Suzanne Landrum

Hi, My name is Suzanne Landrum.  My family and I have been members of Faith Bible for almost three years.  My eleven year-old daughter, Natalie, and I have been blessed to participate in the Sewing with a Mission Camp (SWAM). SWAM is an incredible mission opportunity for the young girls of our church.  It equips them with both basic sewing skills and also a knowledge of and passion for local ministries in our area.  It teaches them that they are the hands and feet of Jesus and that they can bless people by sharing their talents and the Gospel with others in need.  

The Lord led me to volunteer with Sewing with a Mission because I wanted to come alongside the girls, especially my daughter. I wanted to help them see how God can equip them to serve in their own part of the world, using the talents, creativity, and passion for His people that He has given each of them. 

I was excited to volunteer, even though I have no sewing skills or knowledge whatsoever. Through the prayer and support of Kathy Romain and the rest of the volunteers, I felt equipped to serve. I was able to participate by helping with the A/V and assisting the girls with the ironing of their sewing crafts. I was also able to get to know and encourage the girls and introduce them to our daily ministry champions.

I had a wonderful time serving at the camp with my daughter and the other precious girls. Their enthusiasm for sewing and sharing the blessing of their crafts with others was endearing and infectious! They each have such a heart for Jesus! I also enjoyed interacting with the other volunteers and learning more about local missions myself. We discussed the daily projects and missions and prayed over the camp together.

Natalie and I have both experienced growth in our faith, as we have seen all of the work that God is doing in our community and all of the ways that He equips us to serve.  We don't have to become missionaries, we are able to help others and witness for Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit at church, at school, and in partnership with local missions.  My favorite thing about SWAM is that it teaches our girls that they matter in God's plan to spread the Gospel and reach the lost and hurting. Learning how to sew and enjoying time with good friends making cool crafts is just the cherry on top!

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