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A Devo From Scot - Psalm 6

Dear Church,

The more I read, study and meditate on the Scriptures, especially the Old Testament, the more I have come to understand a major part of the complex idea of shame as the painful consequence of misplaced trust. It seems I see it everywhere, from Eden to the Psalms to New Testament epistles. Today I invite you to Psalm 6. I ask and invite you to read it through several times right now. Go ahead. It’s short.

How often do you check your gauge of trust? How do you even do that? While it may be a bit ethereal, considering where you really place your trust can be a life-changing question. If you are a believer in Jesus, a Christian, you may be inclined to answer quickly and simply: I trust in Jesus of course. And while that is true in many ways, trust is almost never a single destination exchange. So…in what else are you trusting? Because the simple truth is that misplaced trust (trusting in anything but God) leads to the painful consequence of shame.

This is the exercise of Psalm 6. In it, David employs the words of song and prayer to both question and redirect his trust. It is an application of the simple question: in what am I trusting right now? Note that David examines this central question from within great pain and pressure. This is exactly the place where you will be tempted to scatter your trust to other things such as your own wits, relational strategies or manipulation. The final truth appears again as David’s “enemies” are indeed trusting in these lesser things. This, of course, leads them to shame, which is where the psalm ends.

Dear friend, I hope you have trusted in Jesus to forgive your sin and save you, granting you the gracious and free gift of eternal life. This powerful step puts you in the family of God forever. But even within the security of this family, your operative trust can be easily misplaced. Today - this very day - will offer many opportunities to ask the question: am I trusting in God right now? I pray David’s song of prayer guides you to a Greater answer.

I love you church.
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