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A Devo From Scot - Psalm 4

Dear Church,

I’ve never bruised easily. Some do, but I don’t. So when I do discover a purplish-green spot on my shin or hip, I realize I must have hit something pretty hard, even if I don’t remember it. But then again, some bruises you never see. That’s true for everyone.

You might be pretty bruised up today. Visible or invisible. You might receive one tomorrow or next week. It may be a person, relational. It might be spiritual, a spiritual attack or warfare. It might even be cultural, bruised by the drastic shifts and changes and challenges happening in our world right now. The million-dollar question is, how do you respond to the bruise?

I’d like to read Psalm 4 today in answer to that question. In fact, read it several times. It’s very short.

In Psalm 4 you will see David’s response to troubling and evil behavior aimed at him. He sure seems quite bruised. But notice the flow of his worshipful, God-directed response. See if you notice these stops as you read and meditate on his words:
  • He runs to God in prayer
  • He stands for truth
  • He remembers his calling and purpose
  • He feels anger but does not sin
  • He offers worship in trust to God
  • He waits on God
  • He looks for joy and peace
  • He worships God for His grace 

David’s short psalm of prayer could be a road map through some troubling times for you (HINT: verse by verse). I think you’ll find great blessing and peace if you journey down this beautiful path when the bruises come.

I love you church,

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