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Meet Amy Cargle

Meet Amy Cargle

COVID changed everything for my family. I expected our life to look differently for a while as we were physically separated from our family but was not expecting to experience loss because of the virus. In January 2021, I lost my mother, Dorothy Kelly, to complications from COVID.  She had no health problems and remained quarantined almost all of 2020. I honestly thought she would be around for another 10 years (my grandmother lived to 101 and my aunt to 102). I expected the worst situation to be not seeing her in person for several months. We had almost made it through 2020, but unfortunately, she was exposed and became sick in December.

She was one of the youngest 90-year-olds I have ever met. She lived independently, picked out a new car every two years, and even cleaned her house from top to bottom last summer during quarantine. She was hospitalized just before Christmas and discharged one week later. My mom recovered well and was even out driving around town the next week. However, at the beginning of January 2021, my mom’s health took a turn for the worst, she was hospitalized again, and due to complications from the virus, she passed into the arms of the Lord on January 13, 2021. I was blessed to be with her in the hospital when she passed.

I am thankful for the spiritual influence my mom had on me from the day I was born. She loved the Lord deeply, was a faithful servant, a prayer warrior, and loved to share Jesus with others. Losing her has not been easy. Many days, I go to call her and remember all over again that she is gone. However, I rejoice knowing I will see her again in Heaven and that she is celebrating there with my dad.

I am so thankful for my Faith Bible Church family who were so supportive throughout my mom's hospitalization and funeral. Our family was blessed by the many prayers, cards, and meals that were sent. My mother instilled me the importance of a church community and we have been blessed to have that at Faith Bible.

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