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Meet William Gray

Meet William Gray

After living through 22 months of unemployment, God blessed me with the opportunity to extend my career in September of 2020 where I was thankful to receive an offer from a HR Benefits Administration company outside of Chicago, IL.  The job has been a welcomed challenge, but I see God’s grace and favor daily through my work and through the new relationships I’m building with colleagues and clients, and know that He’s led me for His purpose.

Throughout the trial of “job search” I experienced every possible emotion that comes along with the struggle.  On top of that, an unprecedented 2020 comes along and unloads a number of unforeseen events that unveiled heartache, loss, isolation and divide within our country, communities, homes, and families, which made an existing challenge seem even more insurmountable.

The saving grace I experienced through it all, and still hold true to this day is that God is forever present, forever in control, and extends grace even through the most difficult of times.  God was there through every unanswered job posting, every unreturned phone call, every rejection letter sent, and every finalist interview where I fell short of an offer. He led me through all of the complexities that come with job search to land where I am today and for that I am truly thankful.

Most importantly, I’m forever thankful for the work God did in me during that time.  Getting closer to God, leaning on Him, trusting in Him, and allowing Him to change who I was has helped provide me with a perspective of peace that I’ve never experienced. It’s revealed newfound passions and confidence in knowing that I can live my life following Him as He leads me toward His purpose for me.

While gaining a job has been a true and wonderful blessing and an answer to my prayers and the prayers of so many on my behalf, the greatest gift is the grace I’ve received and the new person I’ve become through Christ.
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