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Prayer and Worship Service

Mother’s Day 2021 :: Prayer and Worship Service

Group Prayer:
Spend group time this week in an extended time of conversation that leads to prayer. Ask these questions of each person and then spend some time praying for each person in turn.

  1. What is the current state of your most important relationships? (parents, siblings, spouse, kids, close community, etc.)
  2. In what ways can your group pray for your most difficult relationships right now? (Be careful not to share in a way that would hinder future reconciliation)
  3. How are you feeding your soul right now?
  4. How are you feeding your flesh?
  5. How are you serving and focusing on others?
  6. Identify one other thing that is weighing on your heart right now. Share briefly with the group so they can pray.
  7. Identify as many things you are grateful to God for.

After each person shares, spend time praying for them in turn.
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