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A Devo From Scot - Psalm 148

Dear Church,

Let’s finish the book of Psalms together with endurance and excitement. Then, let’s start over together and keep going.

Today, I invite you to read Psalm 148 and consider the action and attitude of the word “praise.” Maybe you’ve never thought about it. How does a person “praise”? What is involved in it? For a simple comparison, think of a great meal someone (even a hidden restaurant cook) has made for you - or a sports victory for your favorite team - or the designer of a beautiful car - or the engineer behind an eloquent solution to a complicated problem. All of these provide an opportunity for praise; an acknowledgment of beauty, strength, power, excellence or victory.

Psalm 148 is clearly all about praise. But notice the direction of praise. It begins top down. “Praise the LORD from the heavens…in the heights…all His angels…all His hosts.” Then the psalmist asks us to respond and reciprocate, “Praise the LORD from the earth,” beginning with God’s creation. Then, finally, we join in; women and men, old and young, the pinnacle of His creation. Right in the center of the borders of the psalm - heavens and angels above, sun and moon, then sea creatures, the deep and the mountains below. All of this resounds praise to God. He is infinitely worthy of praise.

What is left? You are. Right in the middle. Below the heavens. Above the deep and dirt. You, whether a king or peasant, a mother or child, are the subject of the choicest praise. God alone is its object. Praise Him today. There are infinite reasons to do so. Literally, infinite reasons. Recall as many as you can and offer them to God for His pleasure. He is worth it.

I love you church,

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