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A Devo From Scot - Psalm 145

Dear Church,

The last psalm of David in the ancient Hebrew collection of psalms may be among his very best. I invite you to read Psalm 145 today and see for yourself. There is much to see and enjoy and learn. Great insight for reflection. Much fuel for worship. Fantastic insight on the character of God.

The opening line, as compared to the subscript which identifies this psalm as “of David,” contains a noteworthy comparison. It is King David worshipping God as King. Of course, we’re assuming David is king when he wrote this and based on the content, it seems a very safe assumption. So King David recognizes God as King. Even the eminence, power, authority, prestige and pampering of the King of Israel concedes a Higher Authority - a Higher Eminence. David continues to even greater exalted language from this starting point.

Today, I ask that you do much more than simply read or listen to Psalm 145. As God’s nature, character, works and promises are celebrated, I invite you to diligently search - with your heart as well as your mind - for the statements in Psalm 145 that your soul validates as timely for your situation, as powerful for your current needs or as healing for your big questions and challenges. Remember, God wants to reveal Himself to you through His Word - not just information, but transformation power. That is why He gave and preserved it for you.

The week after a celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, for many, can be a whiplash return to the drudgery of “real” life in the ruts of schedule and tasks. I pray that it is much more than that for you, and that Psalm 145 has a part to play as it lifts your head and your soul.

I love you church,

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