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A Devo From Scot - Psalm 142

Dear Church,

Choose Joy. Or so the meme goes. There is a large element of truth to the choice of joy, but the route of that choice may be the most important part of the invitation. If one chooses to just plaster a manufactured smile atop a heavy spirit, I’m afraid not much good will come of that. If one chooses to focus on the good, the blessings and the happiness available to them… now we are actually getting a little closer to the truth. But, in that choice, you will need to recognize and speak to the circumstances you are in. It’s a bit like crawling out of a hole. It doesn’t have to take long, but it does necessitate you don’t pretend the hole is a beach.

Psalm 142 is written from the bottom of a hole. You can almost see it. In fact, as the first line in Hebrew tells us, David wrote it from a cave. As the psalm progresses you can easily visualize the author in darkness, reaching out for cracks of light; yearning for the freedom at the top of the hole. I invite you to read Psalm 142 today even if you are relaxing on a beach. It will be a blessing, and perhaps training for the next time you find yourself in a hole.

As you read, and reread, this short song of worship and prayer, focus on a couple of questions. To whom does David direct his attention? How does he speak of his own heart, spirit and soul? How does he acknowledge the darkness of the moment? For what does he ask? How does he ask? Where and how does he express faith and hope?

Answering these questions from the words of David will allow you to transpose the answers to your own scenario, almost verbatim. Indeed, that is why the Holy Spirit of God has preserved this psalm. He did it for you. For today. For right now. So that you could choose to climb out of your cave by faith - in hope - in truth - in worship. So you could say, with David, “bring my soul out of prison…for You will deal bountifully with me.”

I love you church,

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