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Phase One Flooding

Dear Church,

The past few days across our city and most of Texas and beyond have been an incredible challenge for many, including many in our church. I’ve personally connected with many who have been without power, with intermittent power and water or who have had burst pipes and damage. Some have weathered it well, others have had astonishing and scary difficulty.

Family, let’s make sure that in times like these we turn up our needs-sensitivity and reach out to friends, neighbors, family and community members. The world NEEDS the church of Jesus in times like this. Let’s be the church for each other.

Yesterday, at our church campus, we discovered that we also had some significant damage to our building. Fortunately, it was entirely contained to the first floor of phase one - that’s the oldest part of our campus with almost all of our office space, gym, annex and student spaces. It seems to have been caused by a burst pipe or burst pipe fitting in the ceiling of the annex - likely the sprinkler system - flooding phase one with thousands of gallons of water. Our outstanding staff team, their spouses and kids, some deacons and elders and tons of church family members showed up within minutes and worked hard to minimize the damage to offices, technology, resources and more. Today we had a remediation team come to assess the damage and cooperate with our insurance company to identify our way forward, which of course is a tricky process. More servants showed up and helped move the SonKids offices, our communications office and more. There will be opportunities in the very near future for our church family to pitch in and serve. Stay tuned.

This Sunday we will meet as usual at 9:00 and 10:45 but will take a break from our FUTURE GLORY series to spend some time in extended prayer and worship. It just feels right to do. I think we all need it. Phase one will be entirely closed - both floors. So 5th and 6th graders will meet in the Clubhouse instead for both hours. The rest of kids ministry will be as usual. All of our Adult Community classes will be open and available as usual. Student ministries cannot meet in Northside as it is also flooded. Students are invited and encouraged to attend one of our main worship services with their families or they may choose to sit with their friends in a special student section (stage right), available both services. The student staff will meet them there.

We will keep you informed in the days ahead as our plans and options for ministries change and adjust. Things may change quickly and unexpectedly. Until then, do not forget to tend your own heart by sitting with Jesus in His Word and in prayer, and by reaching out to the needy - starting with your own family, neighbors and other members of your community. Please spend some time today praying for the thousands across Texas and other states who are in bad shape - including those living alone, single parents, those in nursing facilities and those who are sick. Let’s rise up in this time and represent Jesus Christ to those around us.

I love you church,