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Guatemala Update: November-December 2020

Medical Trip
La Mision made a medical trip in November, this time we made the trip only with La Mision staff and some Guatemalan volunteers who accompanied us.  We were able to carry out this trip thanks to the help of churches from USA that gave support so this trip can happened. The need is increasing in the people of the communities, this time it was a different trip because we adapted new protocols to attend the patients, we carried out new cleaning and decontamination procedures in each area, we cared for 70 patients in medical and dental area who received attention and medication. We as a foundation our calling is to go and serve our neighbors and our hearts were ready to do it.
Delivery food
We had the opportunity to send food supplements to one of the villages most affected by the hurricane, we have not been able to reach this village because a river gets in the middle of the way and there is difficult to be with them, but we took that opportunity and send food and a devotional about Faith to evangelize people and share Hope with them.

Scholarship program
The scholarship program delivered the fourth installment of the year with nutritional supplements, that made a big impact in the students of Sarita and Lampara school. Thanks to your help in the past two months we were able to bless 129 children.

Family from Tameja
La Mision delivered milk for a baby four months old from Tameja, now the family got the opportunity to help the nutrition with the formula for feed the baby and improve his health in a better way.
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Although things seemed to be going against us, the conditions of the rivers and bridges on the road were affected by the hurricane and some of them were damaged, the weather conditions were not the same as usually because the temperature was different every day, but God give us the opportunity to be able to run the medical trip, and we were so blessed and thankful for that. We treated the patients with an extra suit to protect them and protect ourselves from any contagious, we used a double mask and face shield. The first day in Sarita the environment was very hot, and with all the equipment we can felt it even more, but on the second day God show his grace with us with a little miracle, because He sent a cool and rainy day, that transform our environment to give a better attention to the people. This year we cannot celebrate our holidays season together but we understand that no matter the circumstances or the situation, God is with us in every single house and every day he shows us mercy and Love.

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