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Meet Kayla Campos

Meet Kayla Campos

I started attending Faith Bible Church about 7 years ago after my sister-in-law invited me. Looking back on it now, I know I was searching for a safe place. Fear had been a major theme in my life, ever since I was a little kid. As a 23-year-old mom and wife, I lived in extreme fear. I had a very “physical” fear of driving. Several months before visiting Faith, I was jogging with a friend when they were hit by a drunk driver. Thankfully, my friend survived, but I was left severely traumatized.

Following the accident, I had panic attacks anytime I was in or near a car and a hard time driving anywhere. I was also experiencing a very “spiritual” fear. For a couple years, I had been immersed in a graceless theology system, which I think thrives on fear. I had grown up in a church with sound teaching and suddenly, I was confused and doubting things that I believed. I needed to find rest and peace, and I needed to hear truth.

It really was at the pinnacle of all that fear when God brought me to Faith Bible. Here, I heard biblical truth, and was able to ask many questions, leading me to study on my own again without fear. I went to counseling with Ingrid Myers, specifically for the purpose of fighting the fear of driving. I attended the women’s bible studies and got to learn from many women. My husband and I attended the Reasons classes and conferences together. At some point during all of this, some very special people encouraged us to volunteer in Faith Bible’s children’s ministry, Kidz Inc. I have experienced an indescribable amount of growth and joy from serving those kids.

This church has been a beautiful thing for me and my family. God is growing my understanding of grace and it is  overwhelming. I have fallen in love with His Word, from Genesis through Revelations, with Jesus as the complete center of it all! God is showing me what confidence in Him means. And, He is teaching me that my purpose in life is to bring glory to God in everything, by serving him. I love that I get to do that at Faith!
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