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A Devo From Scot - Psalm 115

Dear Church,

Yesterday in our worship services, we celebrated Jesus’ resurrection, which typically happens in the Spring - as that is where Passover falls for our Jewish friends. This week we will also celebrate Thanksgiving in America. Immediately after that Christmas trees will begin to go up for many. And in our Psalms devotionals, we finally approach a short run of Psalms used during Passover, the Hallel Psalms (Hallel means “praise”) - which brings us full circle. Only in 2020 can all of this fall within a few days of each other.

Today I invite you to read Psalm 115. It will be a perfect introduction to this week of intentional thanksgiving. As you read, recall that for thousands of years, Jews have read this psalm - indeed recited it and sung it - annually, at Passover. This was one of their annual seasons of thanksgiving, perhaps one of the most important.

I pray that Psalm 115:14-15 becomes a prayer of praise and blessing for you and your family this week. Wouldn’t it be great if you said those verses out load a few times this week, whether you are alone or with family. Even better if you pray them over any souls that gather together for your Thanksgiving meal.

"May the LORD give you increase, you and your children.
May you be blessed of the LORD, maker of heaven and earth."

But, without overly isolating these verses, the beauty of that prayer and praise hangs on cords tied back to verses 1-3.

“Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to Your name give glory because of your lovingkindness (mercy and grace), because of your truth. Why should the nations (those who reject God) say, “Where now is their God?” But our God is in the heavens; He does whatever He pleases.”

And make no mistake, what God pleases is not capricious or impulsive. He always acts true to His righteous character. Because He is perfect and perfectly perfect, He cannot do otherwise. Thus every action and word of God can be trusted. He is faithful. And isn’t that what we all should be most thankful for?

I love you church.

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