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A Devo From Scot - Psalm 112

Dear Church,

I’m not sure if it’s my corrupted flesh or the devil or both, but when I think on my life “with God” I regularly sharpen my focus to a list of actions in either of only two columns: do more consistently and don’t do anymore at all. Commit sections of the Bible to memory: do more consistently. Respond to someone with sullenness or anger: don’t do anymore at all. Remember my stewardship from God in all of my resources and gifts: do more consistently. Turn a blind eye to the speed limit: don’t do anymore at all. And so on…

However, when do’s and don’ts become the whole of my life “with God,” I actually place myself in a dangerous spot. You see, here I am highly vulnerable to the catastrophic misunderstanding that my doing and don’t-ing earn God’s love. And just below that is the equally destructive thought that my actions don’t matter and have no bearing on my relationship with God at all. Both are false. Can you relate?

We see part of the antidote in Psalm 112. It is to these ten verses that I call your attention today. Read Psalm 112 several times. Mentally create only one list. Note the promised blessings for the man or woman that delights and believes in the LORD (I understand “delight” and “fear” here to be near-synonyms for “faith”).

I find that meditation and memory of these truths are much more fruitful than a confusing focus on do’s and don’ts, as necessary as that is. The myriad truths of grace are the solution to both misunderstandings and provide a more fitting and biblical title to my two-column spreadsheet. Jesus’ full accomplishment on the cross and my faith in Him secure for me God’s acceptance, forgiveness and eternal welcome. But inside this secure relationship, the depth of my intimacy and fellowship with God will be determined by my relative holiness and pursuit of holy actions and thoughts.

You see, grace reminds you who you truly are in Christ Jesus. Holy actions flow out of this identity in harmony, and sinful actions flow out in incongruity and dissonance. You are a new creation. Psalm 112 reminds you of just some - yes, only some - of the beautiful things that means.

I love you church.


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