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Meet Marcia Rubio

Meet Marcia Rubio

I come from a multi-religion and no-religion family. A wide spread of beliefs that contradicted most of the time.  By the age of 12, I had already learned doctrine of at least 3 religions and some other cults. However, none of them were capable of answering my questions about God, give me a relationship with Him, or give the peace that only God can offer. By the age of 23, I was so disappointed of not finding the true religion, that I decided to form my own mix of beliefs and follow simple principles: “be good (most of the time) and pray always.” I also developed the ability of finding weakness and errors in those cults and religions and to prove them wrong, just for my own reassurance, then condemn their beliefs and move to the next one, only to do the same. In some ways, I think that was the way the Lord was shaping my path to Him, to get a critical mind that surrenders to the majesty of God. I always prayed and talked to God, read the Bible, and tried to understand and learn more, in my own way. Looking for answers and asking God for guidance and protection. It was a long process of not finding the truth and my continued desire to find it. What was clear to me, was God’s message: “This is not the place for you.”

A dear friend of mine invited my family to attend Faith Bible Church in 2012. Obviously, I was ready to find weaknesses and errors, but I could not. The study of the Word of God during the first service that we attended captivated me. I made an appointment to talk to Pastor Scot and find, again, weaknesses, but every question I asked was answered. I was astonished. I left the building with hope and with my heart full of happiness and satisfaction. I had finally gotten to the right path!

I started attending Grace School of Theology in 2018. I’m doing my master’s degree in Biblical Studies. I have experienced a lot of obstacles in my studies: spiritual, physical, social and financial; but every single one of them has been resolved by God in miraculous ways. I have received the support of my family and pastors. For every spiritual attack, doubt, fear, and physical pain, I have received the blessing of their prayers. For all that, I’m sure I’m in the right place and in the right path.

I enjoy every class in seminary. The more I study, the more I feel the need of learning more, to be a better disciple, to be a better daughter of God. During my classes, I study with pastors and missionaries, I listen to them, their churches and ministries. I know my first ministry is my family, but I also know that this leap of faith has a purpose. A purpose that God will reveal in my life one day. I pray for that. For now, He continues shaping my life in a different way until He makes it clear again: “This is the right place for you!” The waiting is exciting and keeps me busy.
Show me your ways, LORD, teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.”  Psalm 25:4-5
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