A Devo From Scot - Psalm 105

Dear Church,

There is something particularly painful about being forgotten. Hopefully, most of us recall only stories from childhood dodgeball teams and have rare exceptions in more traumatic stories as adults. But I know that’s not true. We all feel the sting of being assigned to oblivion, which is what forgetfulness feels like on the receiving end. And that’s with our human counterparts. What about being forgotten by God? Could there be anything more devastating?

So what does it mean when the Scripture says that the LORD remembered? Have you ever thought about that? I’m convinced it's impossible for God to forget, but doesn’t remembering necessitate a former forgetfulness? What’s the catch? Where’s the loophole?

I invite you to Psalm 105 today. I hope and pray you find time to read it. It will take about 4 minutes if you’re a slow reader like me. In it you will quickly discern a history timeline. The momentum begins in verse 8, where God remembers. But there is an important final word to that phrase: God “has remembered His covenant forever.” He is in a constant state of remembering. There is never an alternative. It seems all mentions of God remembering has this truth as its invisible spine.

The timeline begins with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Before long we get to Joseph, who, of course, is the one that saves the nation of Israel and gets them to Egypt. Then the story jumps to Moses in verse 26. Reading through it quickly, one might neglect the large gap in years. Between Joseph and Moses is almost 500 years, most of that bitter slavery and oppression - nearly twice the age of America. I wonder if it seemed like God had forgotten any one of three hundred thousand unnamed mothers during that long wait. Or the millions besides.

But look again. Notice the subject of almost every sentence - He. God is the active one. He sends. He calls. He performs. He strikes and shuts and speaks and brings them out. “For He remembered His holy word…and brought forth His people with joy, His chosen ones with a joyful shout.”

Jesus once said on a Sabbath day to the legalistic Jewish leaders of the time, “I myself am working…My Father is working until now.” Remember dear one, God is constantly working for you and in you. He is constantly remembering you, His gaze is never turned away. You will never - even for the slightest moment - be forgotten by God. I know sometimes it feels that way, but when it does remind your heart of this truth: God remembers. It’s only we who forget.

I love you church.


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