Meet Ezequiel Serrato Jr.

Meet Ezequiel Serrato Jr.

Seven years ago, my family and I moved from San Diego California to The Woodlands, Texas. At the time, I was pursuing a career in aviation. I dreamt of becoming a missionary, and commercial pilot. I quickly fell so in love with the craft that I landed on completing my certification as an aviation engineer.

Two months before graduation I took a trip to the United Airlines headquarters to learn about my future vocation. There, the Lord used one conversation to change my heart and give me the coordinates to a completely different career path. While speaking with the lead mechanic he mentioned that most of the mechanics were on their third or fourth marriages. My heart sunk. My biggest fear was right before me…divorce.  For the next two months I felt completely lost and thrown off course. I questioned, “God is aviation really where you want me?”. God faithfully answered my prayer, so I decided to leave aviation, and start my own film business, Serrato Media Production Company LLC. As a kid, you rarely found me without a camera in hand filming my friends and family imagining having my own company one day. My dream came true. 

 In 2017, I traveled to Seville, Spain to film, and build a studio at the local seminary. However, the Lord has a sense of humor. I had just decided to completely focus on my career and fully embrace a season of singleness. Well, fellas you know how this one goes. You meet a beautiful girl, accidentally drop all the books she had just organized, and then find yourself reorganizing them as slowly as possible so you can keep talking to her. 

Fast forward to the summer of 2018. I was sailing under the Coronado bridge in San Diego, California with a ring in my pocket, next to the most beautiful woman I had ever known. I got down on one knee and she said yes. What was supposed to be one of the most joyful times in my life soon turned into my biggest fear. Between the long-distance, and increasing tensions my fiancé suddenly called off the engagement. I was torn into pieces, confused, and desperate for answers. So, I did the only thing I could do; cry, pray, and worship. This went on for months. As I was meditating, I said to myself, “if what I went through can help one person, then all of this pain will be worth it”; so, I decided to join Grace School of Theology and pursue a Masters in Ministry. 

One day, I was doing my routine of grieving, praying and worshiping. I asked God for her to call me that evening (never expecting that to actually happen). Well it did. That one phone call turned into many more, and eventually re-entry into a dating relationship. During this season, I have learned more about forgiveness, redemption, and the faithfulness of God than ever before. Together, we have been showered with God’s faithfulness, kindness, goodness, and stead-fast love. 

This is the first time I have publicly shared my story. Our stories do not belong to us, but to God. Broken engagements are ugly. There is real pain, real tears, and countless sleepless nights. However, when we chose to press into the Lord, actively abide in his presence, and trust that his plans are good, He gives us more than we could imagine. Our story is unique in that we ended up back together, and I praise God for that. Do I regret having to go through this experience? Absolutely, not. It made me a better man because I had to fully depend on the Lord for his strength and guidance. Ironically, my name “Ezekiel” means “God is my strength”. During that season, I was blessed to be surrounded by my amazing friends from Faith Bible Church. They were always right there willing to carry that burden with me. True community shows up, and loves deeply when you are at your worst.
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