A Devotional From Scot - Psalm 78

Dear Church,

Ask a husband how long he has been married, do so in front of his wife, and what do you get? Often you’ll see a nervous man and an overly attentive woman.
I have often wondered why meaningless song lyrics can get stuck in our head for decades, but we fail to remember key, critical, memorable and special events. My wife has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of birthdays, birth years, anniversaries and special occasions, for our extended family as well as a large network of friends. It’s astounding. My kids and I quiz her for fun sometimes. I, on the other hand, well, I struggle in this area. 
As Christians, believers, followers of Jesus, worshippers of God, a good memory is paramount.  The learned ability to recall God’s character, acts, interventions, redemptions and mercies is a vital and essential discipline to which you must give regular attention. That is what Psalm 78 is all about. It’s gorgeous. Take some time to read it right now. The psalmist knows this learned ability is developed with intentional practice, just like every discipline. 
As you read, take note of the words “forgot” and “remembered.” You will see a wave-like pattern in this nostalgic song of worship, highlighting the terrible dangers of forgetting God and His work, as well as the rescue and delight of remembering. 
Perhaps after you read Psalm 78, you can lean back in your chair and intentionally recall specific times when God has intervened in your life. Go a step further and scribble down a simple list. Enlightened retrospection can be powerfully cathartic. It can also encourage wise decisions in the present, and nurtured hope for the future. And who doesn’t need that? 
I love you, church.


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