Meet Walt Jurek

Meet Walt Jurek

At the 15-year point in my career at HP, it became obvious that God was preparing the way for me to move on to a new season of life. After investing a huge amount of time in reading The Word, praying, and seeking godly counsel, I was left with the conviction that God had a two-step process for exiting HP. The first step was to change roles within HP and the second was to segue out of corporate America. This Texas two-step took just over two years culminating with me leaving HP and putting my full faith in God to be true to His promise in Hebrews 13:5.

The very next day, after departing HP, I was asked to join a startup company to take their product to the home school community. This led to me attending numerous home school conventions around America. During that time, I discovered there is a niche for me to teach engineering and physics from a Biblical worldview. After about a year, the startup company no longer needed my services. The amazing thing, though, is shortly thereafter, during my quiet time, the New Testament story of the five loaves and two fish and the Old Testament story about the widow and the jars of oil popped into my brain. God was reminding me that He is in the business of miraculous multiplication. And here's where it gets even more exciting. The next week as I attended church at Faith Bible, a dear saint I have known for years but have rarely interacted with for many months came running up to me in the foyer. She told me she had a dream the night before. In the dream, she had a group of people at her home and they were enjoying Polish nut bread. She emphasized there was not a lot of it but when I asked for a piece, she put a slice on a plate and handed it to me. Are you ready for this? In the dream, she said, the more I ate, the more appeared on my plate.

 Albert Einstein said, "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." I shared with this dear saint what was going on in my life/job and recounted my quiet time experience with five loaves, two fish, and oil jars. She was in tears. To me it was God's way of reminding me of His Hebrews 13:5 promise from previous years and encouraged me to continue abiding in Christ and obeying His leading.

He is leading me to put my two degrees in engineering, many years of experience teaching engineering and physics, and a heart to help students know the truth of Ephesians 2:10 - specifically, that they are designed for a purpose by God and they are NOT a cosmic accident - to work, to give them HOPE!

I am currently creating and delivering physics, science, and engineering courses both live and online. It's all in the infant stages and yet, through it all, God has continued to provide spiritually, relationally, and financially for both me and my beloved bride. I have more joy, passion, and enthusiasm in my life than ever before. Together we are excited to see where God will take us on this and numerous other adventures He has us in. And just like Isaiah, we say, "Here am I, Lord. Send me."
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