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"The Unexpected Journey"

The unexpected journey.
There is no time to prepare.
It is something immediate.
In that moment you are changed.

God promises to be near and He knows what is on the other side.
But it is a journey that no one is ever prepared to take.

In that journey you will lose some baggage.
Things you thought were important before get lost along the way.

God never wanted you to take them.
These things will only weigh you down or keep you from finding your destination.
You must be strong and find your strength for the journey.

Sometimes you are waiting for a long time.
Traveling on roads you never imagined to go on.
God will provide your food.
You must eat every day and He prepares a banquet in His word.

Trust in Gods timing and every bend in the road.
For it’s the twists and turns of the journey we can get so weary.
Looking for shortcuts along the way.
Not wanting to travel down an unfamiliar road but God knows the blessing at the end.

It’s in the unexpected journey where we can find what God really wants us to be.
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