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Meet Kathy Romain

On July 4th, 2019, my husband John andI were riding our bikes to the 4th of July parade when I was hit by a car in a crosswalk near our home.God blessed me so much. Even as I was thrown from my bike into the road, no cars came and the vehicle that hit me didn’t run me over. I received 4 breaks in my bones, 2 each in my tibia and fibula. While it seems unfair to have been hit in a crosswalk when the car had a red light, I have also thought there are always consequences for actions. Maybe I was hurrying too much so I wanted to keep going through the crosswalk. Also, I assumed that the car would stop since it had a red light. I didn’t yield to the other person but exercised my right to cross on the red light. Something I try to consider more regularly; yielding instead of exercising my rights. After 2 surgeries a week apart, I began 12 weeks of non-weight-bearing time to heal. This was followed by a few weeks walking in a boot, then more PT as I learned to walk again and strengthen (felt more like redevelop) my muscles.

I was so needy, especially during the first 8-12 weeks. I was wheelchair bound, progressed to a walker, then a scooter followed by crutches. It humbled me to have to ask for and accept so much help. John was a saint and my sinful nature really showed up. I didn’t like asking him for help because of his selflessness, which made me not look good by comparison; that pride again. God really showed me what an honorable trait humility is. Though humbling, it is truly a gift to be helped and to get to help others in the name of Jesus. The love of the Lord showed up so strongly via his people! Meals, visits, rides to doctors, chores, gifts, taking over Sunday school prep and sewing camp, taking me shopping (fun with Kroger electric scooters!). I was blessed beyond imagination.

In February, just 7 months post-surgery we headed weston a hiking trip that John booked in July. As I hiked, I prayed that God would make it clear how far I was to go according to His will, not mine. I didn’t want my stubbornness (determination) to miss what God had planned. The Lord blessed me with the gift of having recovered enough to hike Guadalupe Peak and a few other great trails in Big Bend National Park! What a gift!
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