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I learned about Jesus Christ and His love at home and at church. I have known Him as my Savior for 75 years now. When I was nine years old, I walked down the aisle to accept Him as my Savior at a small Baptist church in Dickinson, Texas. I still remember Brother Overstreet (we called our pastor brother). We were singing Just as I am. It was an emotional time for me and I felt my sins were removed from me. I was motivated by fear because I had learned there was a hell and I did not want to go there. Once I was saved the fear was gone and the motivation became a loving relationship with him. So, it was my joy to sing, “Jesus is all the world to me”, “Oh how I love Jesus” and so many more songs I learned to sing about Him.

From that time on I had a great desire to get my friends to go to church so they could learn about Jesus and be saved. Our family would sometimes take children from the Humble Oil Camp on Galveston Bay with us to church so they could know Him. Even in college at North Texas where I was studying to be a teacher, I went with a team from the Baptist Student Union to Dallas to go through a neighborhood knocking on doors to invite people to the nearby revival. I so wanted people to know Jesus Christ.

I did not learn until my 20’s that I could tell people myself about Him. By this time, I was married and my husband needed to be gone overnight on a trip. I had never been alone at night and fear was a thread in my life. Growing up I shared a room with my sister. During college and after I’d had roommates, and now I had my husband. We were going to our first Bible church, Faith Bible Church, in Cincinnati. I had begun to memorize a lot of scripture. One of those was Psalm 4:8. “I will both lie me down in peace and sleep for Thou, Lord, makest me dwell in safety.” Now was the first time I was alone and I was frightened. I quoted that verse many times. I finally told the Lord I had locked the doors and windows doing all I knew to do and I trusted Him to take care of the rest. What a breakthrough from fear of being alone at night! At this young age, I saw that Jesus is faithful. It was a big first step of a lifelong journey with Him showing me His faithfulness over and over. One of my favorite songs has always been "Great is Thy Faithfulness".

During these unusual times we are living in, many of us find ourselves isolated, jobless, trying to home school for the first time as well as many other situations we have never faced before. Reading and memorizing God’s Word is a huge anchor in this storm as well as having the times of prayer with our pastor, Scot. Getting the mind of Christ into our minds helps us think more like Him and keep our focus on Him.
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