A COVID-19 Update From Our Leadership

Dear Church Family -
The topic of churches reopening is high on the list of conversation subjects over the last few days, especially among church leaders. The potential timeline and critical details of a large church, such as ours, reopening its doors is complex. We are so blessed and pleased with the ability to continue community, ministry, and mission through technology. However, we long to be together again, in-person, as soon as it is wise and safe to do so.
We have carefully evaluated what leaders and experts are saying. Governor Abbott’s most recent announcement will allow some businesses to reopen in a limited capacity this Friday. We have studied and networked with other churches about this document and its implications. This step of “reopening Texas” will be carefully monitored on several levels until May 18th, when we expect another announcement. Other experts, such as Dr. David Callender, the CEO of Memorial Hermann Hospital, have asked churches to delay gathering to prevent continued outbreaks. You can watch Dr. Callender’s video here.
We also want to continue to watch and wait, which is a conservative standpoint, but one we feel is very appropriate and wise at this time. Therefore, we do not foresee regathering in person before June. This timeline has been highly recommended by many civil, medical, and church leaders. State leaders and the CDC are still discouraging groups of more than ten. We all pray these expectations change and increase in size. Until then, we are working hard to prepare for regathering on several levels. Because your safety is of the utmost importance to us, we are considering what enhanced cleaning steps, preparations, and modifications need to be taken inside our building. We want our venue to be completely safe for everyone when that time comes.
Since social distancing is one of the best ways we can love our neighbors and protect our families, we will continue to gather digitally and our staff will continue to work at full capacity from home. We will continue to evaluate the circumstances as we approach the summer months. As always, we value consistent, clear, and regular communication with you regarding any updates or changes to this plan.
Thank you for your grace, patience, and understanding. Please pray for our church family, pastors, and elders as we work hard to follow God’s lead through these uncharted waters. He is good. Our hope is in Him.
Scot Pollok, Lead Pastor
Jamey Bryant, Amy Cargle, Chad Melton – Oversight Team
The Faith Bible Church Elder Board
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