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As we continue to move deeper into the quarantine time, we are all growing fatigued, tired of virtual meetings, and ready to get back to hugging our families and having dinner with our friends. In uncertain times like these, it is very easy for us to get bogged down in all of the hardships of life, but these hardships also provide great opportunities to learn. One question I routinely ask myself is, “What is God teaching me right now?” I encourage you to pray and ask yourself the same question, maybe even write down what you’re learning in a journal.  

One thing my family has enjoyed the past couple of months is spending time outdoors. I’m finding myself on more family bike rides and evening strolls than ever before. This morning while on a walk, I asked myself the question, “What is God teaching me right now?” I was reminded of a very unique story in Acts 14:8-18 when Paul is on his first missionary journey.

In this passage, God uses Paul to heal a man who had been lame his entire life, which caused quite a stir in the city (I won’t spoil the whole story, you have to go read it yourself). The city actually thought Paul and Barnabas were Greek gods. But Paul’s argument to the people at the end of the story is fascinating. Paul says that God has given His people a witness of who He is through the rain from heaven and fruitful seasons. Paul wrote something very similar in Romans 1:19-20 where he mentions we can clearly see God’s power and divine nature in His creation.  

The next time you find yourself out on a walk or a bike ride, take the time to ask, “What is God teaching me?” Remember the same God who created the beautiful trees and birds in the air is the same God who loves you. I hope you have a chance to read through the passages referenced in the video above. They truly are incredible scripture passages that point to God’s greatness. It still amazes me that Jesus, who controls the wind blowing through the trees, desires to have a relationship with me.  

I pray that God is teaching you amazing things during this unique time.  

Chad Melton
Pastor of Ministries

Scripture passages: Acts 14:8-18;  Romans 1:19,20;  Mark 4:35-41
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