Words of Hope From Evelyn

Dear Church,
I’ve had the opportunity to speak with several of you who are living your lives very differently right now. I am too. Some of you are working on the front lines in medical professions, in businesses such as grocery stores, or as first responders. Some of you are trying to work from home and (somehow) teach your children at the same time. Some of you have lost your job or you fear you will. Some of you are experiencing a heightened tension because you are home with difficult people. Some of you have been completely alone every day for weeks now.

In keeping with our goal of tending our hearts during our “for now normal,” it’s important that we focus on what we know to be true about God; He is in control. Today, I want to look at Psalm 139, especially verses 1-10. In a very personal way, this psalm of David tells us who God is to each of us individually.

In this passage, David is confident that God knows absolutely everything about him and his situation. David also asks a question: Is there a place that I can go where God is not there? Maybe he’s wanting to flee God, I don’t know, but I tend to think he’s wanting the assurance that wherever he goes, God is there with him. The answer to David's question is that God, the creator of the universe, is everywhere in His universe. There is no place where God is absent.  
Wherever you are today, friends, I want you to know that God knows you intimately. He knows everything you do during the day, everything you think, say or feel. That’s a comfort – He knows every detail about the situation you are in. God is always with you, when you are content where you are and even when you are stressed, lonely, or frightened where you are.  
I pray Psalm 139 comforts you as much as it comforts me. We have a living, loving, powerful God who is always with us. I love you all and miss you – I so look forward to the day when we can meet in person again.
Evelyn Tarbell
Women’s and Adult Communities’ Pastor
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