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Meet Becky Miller

I grew up, went to college and lived the first years of married life in small towns in Ohio.  Even though I had a roommate that became a missionary and went to churches heavily involved in missions, I had no interest in missions. I think I even told God that I didn’t want anything to do with missions!

Our young family moved to Houston in 1989. I felt like we had moved to another world!  In 1991, we went to our church’s missions conference where we heard that one of the major hinderances for people going into missions was their parents.  By the end of that conference, Drew and I found ourselves standing up, making a promise to God that we would not hinder our kids if He called them into missions. Our kids were 5 and 2 at the time.  Within just a few weeks, Drew’s job moved us to Indonesia!!  I remember thinking, “Wait God! I said I would let my kids go into missions. I never said anything about ME moving overseas!” It was during those 5 years in Indonesia that God opened my eyes to His work around the world. He gave me a love for missions, especially for missionaries, who are people just like you and me.

After Indonesia, we moved to The Woodlands. One of the first people we met was the chairman of Faith Bible’s Missions team.  He asked us to join the team, and we jumped right in with them to help spread the gospel around the world.  Less than 2 years later, we moved to Africa. There were no English-speaking churches or any missionaries, so we started a small church in our home. Through this home-church, our family got a taste of what it might be like for missionaries in the field. We moved back here in 2000 and I immediately rejoined the Missions Team where I have loved serving ever since.

In 2010, we kept that promise to God and saw our daughter Hannah go to Albania to teach at GDQ.  Albania became an open country right about the time that Drew and I made the promise not to hinder our kids serving Him as missionaries. (Coincidence? I think NOT) As a mom of a missionary, I see blessings but I also know how hard it can be to have your child on the other side of the world; to feel so far away and helpless in a time of need. In 2013, a couple other moms of missionaries and I started MOMS (Mothers Of Missionaries). We meet once a month at the church to pray for our kids and encourage each other to live with our “hands open”, releasing our kids to God who knows and cares for them even more than we can.

So, this small-town girl has lived a bit of Acts 1:8 as God opened my heart to His heart for the world and the people who serve Him in it, whether it be in our home, city, country or across the ocean. Lesson learned. If you tell God “No” to something, He may change your heart!
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