An Update From Pastor Scot

Dear Church,

This week we passed what is typically tax day. But we are not in typical times. When the IRS gives the whole country a few extra months to file, things are obviously very different. With ever-evolving news, our collective eye on graphic charts of curves, talk of reopening the country and relaxing restrictions, we want to come to you again with some church family updates that will hopefully inform and encourage you.
Sunday Live Stream
First, our very first all-digital Easter weekend is already behind us. Resurrection Sunday marked our fifth Sunday to live stream worship and teaching without gathering on campus. We also “gathered apart” for a very special worship service on Good Friday (not included in the chart below). Most of the modes over which we stream give us analytic data that you may find encouraging (we do not know how many viewed services through our Faith Bible App). Of course, we can’t know how many people are gathering in one place, which registers as one view, we do have a good idea of how many views we’ve had. How many people, on average, do you think are viewing these together? You do the math.

Faith Bible Church LIVE  Stream Viewership Website/ BoxCast APPFacebook LIVEYou tubeTotal Views
Sunday, March 157252270952
Sunday, March 222823154711068
Sunday, March 29481168305954
Sunday, April 56111943971202
Sunday, April 125822475421371

Facebook alone records that during the month of March we reached more than 37,400 people. Think about that. We have also recently added another mode of streaming our services, our very own AppleTV app. Go to your App Store on AppleTV and search for “Faith Bible Church.”
Live Prayer Night
Our Live Prayer Services, now on Tuesdays at 8pm, have also been tracked. I hope you find these numbers encouraging as well. We began the experiment on a Wednesday night, March 25 and had 213 total people engage. The next week we switched to Tuesday, March 31 and had 175. April 7 we had 148 people engage across multiple platforms, and this past week we engaged with 92 people. Yes, the numbers are trending down, but this time has been powerful for all who join. We look forward to continuing this critical effort and extending our commitment to fervent prayer, now more than ever. While I care almost nothing about the numbers, perhaps you can join us and reverse the trend. I promise you will be blessed.
I want to thank you for your giving during this season. We’ve seen many new givers, and for that I am extremely grateful. Our staff is operating at full capacity, and although our campus has been largely quiet, we still have personnel, including missionaries, to care for. Our Operations Team will provide an update on the new budget and spending strategies in the next week. Thank you for your faith, sacrifice and the exercise of stewardship that is clearly seen. You are incredible, church. Please continue to pray for this internal area of our church family ministry.
Faith Bible Assist
I also want you to know that we are a family, a quite large family, and we are working hard to act like a family in this time. There is a team of more than 30 members of our church who are working hard to call every single family and household on our church roll, simply wanting to check in, see if they are in need, see how we might serve them and how we can pray. The number of total calls was very high, with almost 3000 households on our list. Over the last few weeks, we have made significant progress but have more to go. If you would like to help this massive effort, please join our team by emailing If you need help, or if there is anything we can pray for or do for you, please email our team at the same address.
New Sermon Series
Finally, tomorrow, Sunday, April 19, we will begin a brand new teaching series on Sundays. As we prayed and discussed how the Lord was leading us in this time as a team, I felt strongly about rearranging our previous plans for a post-Easter and then summer series. I desperately wanted to get back to Jesus, the words of Jesus and the scenes in which we see His power and grace. So tomorrow we will embark on “The Life of Jesus Christ.” I pray it will be refreshing and challenging. I hope it is also a series in which a lot of new folks, nonbelievers, unchurched and de-churched people will join. If you are ministering to or serving neighbors, friends, coworkers or family in this time, no matter where they live, invite them to tune in.

No one knows when we will be invited to safely regather in groups. I imagine that will happen slowly, in stages. But whenever it does, I can already sense just a spark of the great joy we will have in that time. I love you church. Stay safe. We’ll see you soon.

Scot Pollok
Writing on behalf of an incredible ministry team
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