A Devo From Scot - Psalm 27

Dear Church,

Welcome to a whole new world. Yep, I said it. Everything has changed. But wait, I’m not talking about the multiple and parallel crises we are involved in right now - emergent medical, economic, social, domestic, mental health and the paradigm shift of digital discipleship. This is indeed a whole new world in that regard, but I’m talking about something very different. In fact, what I’m talking about is the antidote and answer to the previous list. I’m talking about the new world that is available post-Easter, the newness of life available to us after the glorious and victorious resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Can you imagine waking up on the Monday after Jesus’ resurrection? If I were a disciple of Jesus’ back then, even one of the unnamed disciples in the larger group beyond the twelve, I imagine that everything would be different as I awoke this morning. How about you? All of your life has been lived post-Easter, every breath you’ve breathed has taken place on the timeline of history after Jesus’ resurrection. This means that every day should be new for you and me. Is it?

Today, I want you to look at Psalm 27, another song of David. In it, he speaks directly to fear and the flesh. What he reveals is a powerful reminder for some of us and a brand new tool for others. I hope the short video above (5 min) encourages you to read it for yourself as you tend your heart in this time of great challenge and pressure. David’s ancient words can be a strong and welcome medicine, if you allow it. I hope you do. I hope it brings a spark of life and joy to your heart today. For your encouragement and spiritual growth, we have also created a COVID-19 resources page full of links and articles for life in a pandemic. We hope you find it helpful.

Be blessed in Jesus Christ, church. I love you.

Scot Pollok
Lead Pastor