A Devo From Scot - Psalm 22

Dear Church,

Today is the day. To be frank, I don't often wrestle with the inherent tension of calling this Friday “good." This is the day (likely very close to the historical day as far as the calendar is concerned), that we remember Jesus’ death on the cross. I have even been known to say that we “celebrate” Jesus’ death on this day, on Good Friday.

For some, I would imagine these verbs and adjectives are not appropriate. I understand and am sympathetic. But I cannot help but see it all from my seat (which, by the way, is a place of imperfection, sin, shame, guilt and emptiness). If you take an honest look at your seat, I wonder if you can relate.

From my chair, I call today good and celebrate a horrific, excruciating, humiliating, ancient death because it is the singular event that transforms my sin and shame into sonship and welcome. It is the moment when the astronomical, ineffably high cost of sin was fully paid by the Son of God, Jesus Christ. My sin. Your sin. The sin of the whole world. And as I recall Jesus’ own words, no one took His life from Him. At the proper time, in full control, He laid it down willingly.

All of this makes this day very good indeed. It is the first act in the culmination of God’s redemption plan. With this in mind, today we look at Psalm 22. The brief video above (5 min) will serve as only an introduction to the psalm's unique power and strange insight, written 1000 years before that first good Friday. I pray it moves you. I pray it sits on your heart with both heaviness and freedom.

I look forward to our time together at tonight's online Good Friday service, LIVE at 7:30pm. Remember, we will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper together, so prepare your elements beforehand (simple bread or crackers and some kind of juice or drink).

Scot Pollok
Lead Pastor