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Two years ago, my wife was asked to help start a discipleship program called Re:generagion. I thought my life was good, but I figured I could earn some brownie points, so I joined with her. I had no frame of reference for what to expect and next thing I knew I was in a room with about 15 men introducing myself, “Hello, my name is Anthony Stock. I have a new life in Christ, and I am recovering from screen addiction, anger, and depression.” “Hi, Anthony” the group replied, and the trajectory of my life changed completely.

Before Re:generation, I struggled to find value in community. I was born with a stutter that has made expressing my thoughts and feelings difficult. So, I retreated into an imaginary reality that I constructed with books, video games, social media, or any technological distraction that gave me instant gratification. I could physically be around my family and take part in daily tasks, but I was only giving a fraction of myself as I chose to ignore my wife and kids for the ease of things I could control. When the reality that I still had to face the world around me became unmanageable, depression would set in because my coping mechanisms only existed in a fake world.

Through Re:gen it became painfully obvious that I had spent my life trying to modify my behavior but God wanted to restore my heart. I learned that when I ignored my emotions, it led to anger that I acted upon with rage, which triggered depression. However, in community I was able to confess my sin, seek forgiveness, begin to make amends to my family and friends, and start the process of reconciliation.

Because of Christ, through Re:generation, my life is completely changed. I am more present with my family and friends. I am no longer trying to “recharge” or numb my pain through endless time spend in front of a screen. God has shown me the value and beauty of authentic community that will love you where you are and point you toward growth in Christ.
I am not perfect. I will always struggle with screen addiction, anger, and depression.
But I am a new life in Christ, and that is now what defines me.
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