Amanda Holstrom

By Amanda Holstrom

In April 2013, we thought we were expecting our second child, with an already 16-month old at home. Instead we found out that our expectation had tripled into spontaneous identical triplet girls. Life became incredibly hectic as we went from a family of 3 to a family of 6.

Two years later, while sitting in a hospital room, we heard the words, “Your daughter, Emmy, has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.” Our world was shattered. Reality for the next two and a half years became needle pokes, sedation, weekly chemo infusions, spinal tap chemo infusions, steroid pulses and hair loss; things many unsuspecting families who get thrown into the cancer world suddenly find as their new normal. Life became a chaotic juggling mess of hospital life vs. home life that ultimately filtered into fear and isolation, as we watched our daughter fight for her life. At times, it felt like we’d been to hell and back. Yet, so much beauty came out of our pain and our journey has been overwhelmed with God’s grace.

This trial has helped weave empathy into each of our children’s hearts and knit them closer together. We have witnessed the Lord pull community together, and be the hands and feet of Jesus as we watched our front porch become an alter for people’s giving and generosity to meet every one of our needs as they arose. By being recipients of so much grace, God has opened our hearts to serve and walk alongside other people in their suffering and trials, so that they too can experience His love through acts of service and unity.

After more than 800 days of fighting, we got to witness the miracle and gift of our daughter getting to ring THE bell this past January, signifying the end of treatment. The gratefulness etched into our hearts for her healing on this side of heaven is incomprehensible. Through the many highs and lows of this journey we bear witness to the Lord’s sovereignty every step of the way. We may not know what tomorrow holds, but we know who holds the day, and we continue to cling and hope in that.

Since February, we have been able to begin healing as a family at Faith Bible Church. We grateful for this community as we enter into worship each Sunday. It feels like a place where our souls can rest, continue to heal, and be renewed.

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