A Devo From Scot - Psalm 23

Church Family,

Drawing near to Jesus in a time like this is an uphill battle, simply because it always is. I hope that encourages you. Even in a time of restricted movement and gatherings, our flesh will work to fill every second of the day with the busy, the “critical,” the important, the urgent, the mundane, the empty and the meaningless. Every day is a mixed bag. Prioritizing spiritual growth and intimacy with God is a regular struggle. Just when you get a healthy rhythm, something new spins you out all over again. Or just a bad Monday.

Above is another short (5 minute) devotional thought on Psalm 23. You didn’t think I was going to skip that one, did you? I hope it helps you break through the busy and the empty into something real. I hope it reminds you to tend your heart. To press up the hill. To fight against all the distractions and silence the noise long enough to hear God’s voice. This song was written by a shepherd, David. He penned the words and sang them to God, calling God his shepherd. It is beautiful. On of my favorite writers, Derek Kidner, writes poetically about the poetry of Psalm 23:

“Depth and strength underlie the simplicity of this psalm. Its peace is not escape; its contentment is not complacency: there is readiness to face deep darkness and imminent attack, and the climax reveals  a love which homes towards no material goal but to the Lord Himself.”

I pray these ancient words of David bless you today. I pray they lift your head and encourage your faith in God’s ever-present attention, watch-care, provision, protection and grace. You are the apple of His eye, dear one. Draw near.

As you continue to walk through Passion Week heading to Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, we’ve prepared a reading and prayer guide to help you and your family. I look forward to joining you for LIVE prayer on Tuesday at 8PM, and then again for a LIVE worship service on Friday at 7:30PM. All of this will prepare us for the glorious light of Resurrection Sunday. We will stream LIVE at 10AM and then re-cast the stream at 5PM.

Blessings in Jesus Christ,