A Devo & Letter From Pastor Scot

Dear Church,

I have been consumed lately, as we all have, with significant concern for you, our city and our world. I confess this concern has slipped into worry and anxiety more often than I would like. I think as stay home-work safe restrictions continue, with homeschooling and the stress of venturing outside continue, our hearts will be even more given to fear.

This reality is the only evidence we need to put great priority in drawing nearer to Jesus in this time. But this takes great discipline and remarkable commitment to values and priorities. To this end, I offer another short devotional thought in the Psalms. My only goal is to remind you of God’s goodness and the ever-present power of His Word.

I would ask that you recall as you tune your heart and mind to the Living Word of God, you give attention to three things. First, grace. See, hear and sense God’s persevering presence with you in this time, His interminable love for you, His sheer joy in having you as His child. His grace is sufficient for this time. His power is perfected within your weakness.

Second, I would call your mind, heart, and actions to the appropriate response of repentance. In times like these, we are reminded of our fragility, our desperation and our great need of God. Lean into those feelings and give in to confession, personal prayer, worship, and repentance. It is the kindness of God that leads us to repentance. And sobering times like the ones we are living in, call for a sober spirit.

Finally, I would ask that you find time to be joyfully creative. I ask this after calling you to remember first God’s grace and then repentance. All three actions are cooperative friends. This is a time of innovation and creativity. Bring some creativity to your home, your marriage, your daily routine. Brainstorm with your family and engage in new ways. Beware of slothful ruts of convenience and expedience. There are ample treasures, unique and life-changing gifts, to be found at this time. They just take a little digging.

I love you church. Be blessed today in Jesus Christ. Stay safe.

Scot Pollok
Lead Pastor