A Devo & Letter From Pastor Scot

Church Family,

It seems like much of the world is on a forced Sabbath rest. Many of us are still working, but many are not. In this time, you are receiving a lot of communication. And without being invasive or overbearing, I want to communicate a little more during this time. 
First, above you’ll find a video that I recorded just for you in hopes to encourage special, private, unhurried time in God’s Word - particularly the Psalms. If you know me, you know that I have a deep fondness for the Psalms, and am almost always reading in them. This is the first of hopefully some regular videos that encourage you to engage the Psalms during this simple, Sabbath we are all in. I think they are singularly relevant at this time.

Second, I mentioned it on Sunday morning, but want to follow up here. On Wednesday night we will host a simple, live, online connection time for the sole purpose of interaction and prayer. We will gather online at 8:30pm this Wednesday, following our Faith Students virtual gathering at 7:00-8:30pm. We plan on it being only 30 minutes. I hope you can join us - both offering your prayer requests and praying for others. Just another way we are “Gathering Apart” at this time. We will send out more details on how to join Wednesday’s live prayer night soon. 
This coming Sunday, we will continue to gather virtually at 10AM through various avenues: Facebook, our website, our Mobile App, and on YouTube. All live. We will be worshipping, praying, and spending time in God’s Word. This week, we will also be celebrating communion together. So please prepare for this time. Typically you will need a piece of bread (hopefully a larger piece, symbolizing unity, from which you can tear smaller pieces) and some grape juice or wine. But you can easily substitute other things based on what you have. Crackers will easily work, and juices other than grape will also work. I believe this will be a beautiful time on Sunday morning, especially as we prepare throughout the week and anticipate this moment together. Even if you are gathering with us alone, the Lord’s Supper will hopefully help you feel connected to the Body of Christ. 
Finally, our staff is working hard on the new budget, which begins April 1. Since the change in our world and culture, we are having to significantly reassess and adjust where and how we allocate funds, much of it based on changes and opportunities that are not clear yet. That said, I want you to know that we are still running a full staff at full capacity, almost entirely remote and virtual. We are trying to find ways to continue almost all ministries. This means we still need your faithful giving. I know some of you are in danger of lost wages because of the changes imposed by the virus. If so, please don’t worry about giving at this time. But if you are not financially affected, I need you to continue your regular giving so that we can continue serving each other, meeting needs, and providing for our staff. For ways to give, please visit our website at faithbibleonline.org/give.
I love you, church. We are in this together as a family. We will endure it and thrive through it as a family. I am amazed at how you are blessing others, checking in on each other, serving people, and sharing Jesus. You are being the church. Well done. 
As I’ve suggested multiple times, be sure to tend your heart. Find new ways to develop intimacy with Jesus. Second, love those around you. Find ways to give grace and bless others. But, of course, do so with great wisdom, distance and obedience to all governmental guidelines as a way of serving your city and neighbors. 
Scot Pollok
Lead Pastor