A Devo & Letter From Pastor Scot

Dear Church,
COVID Pandemic, Day 17. The world continues its forced sabbatical and we are continuing to adjust to ministry, connection, worship, discipleship and prayer in this time of social distancing.
I’m excited to tell you that almost all of our ministries and groups are up and running and open for engagement. Last Wednesday night, we held an experimental LIVE prayer service and it exceeded my expectations for power and engagement. We had a few people join us from around the globe and a couple hundred folks here locally. It was a sweet time of unity and togetherness even though we are separated at this time. We are currently planning to reconvene this time on Tuesday at 8PM. We will have a longer time together so that we can engage as many requests as possible. Please plan on joining us.
You can still send us a prayer request online. You can also share specific needs you have right now inside this restrictive pandemic by emailing FBCAssist@faithbible.church. If you’d like to be one of the ones to help with any practical needs, please email us at the same address. We haven’t received many requests yet, but I believe the need will grow in the coming weeks.
If you know of anyone that is new to the Faith Bible family, we are experimenting with a virtual Newcomers ZOOM call this Sunday at 1pm. Please help us spread the word. More information is found on the I'm New page on our website.
Thank you church. I am so grateful for you. For your attitude, your heart, your sense of blessing, your care for each other, your endurance. I pray that you are becoming more grateful in this time of restriction. I pray you are becoming more awake to areas, people and blessings you have taken for granted for far too long. Be on the lookout for those. You’ll have to tune your heart to see them. Grab hold of them and thank your Great God.

Scot Pollok
Lead Pastor