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Meet Susan Smith

Growing up in a wonderful Christian family was truly a gift. I knew about and loved Jesus for as long as I can remember. We attended church regularly, I was involved with Christian youth activities, and life went along pretty smoothly…until I was a senior in high school.

A popular and beautiful student who was a year behind me was the victim of a random abduction and murder. Less than six years later, my beloved uncle also became the victim of a homicide in his own home. My faith was shaken. I never quit believing God existed, I just knew He wasn’t who I thought He was. Being “good” didn’t mean He was going to keep you or other “good people” from tragedy. I struggled (and still do, sometimes) with the “Why?” questions.

Following my uncle’s death, I gradually became what I now call a “check-box Christian.” I would check off the box of going to church and praying occasionally, but in reality, I started a long journey of not truly walking with the Lord.

But God…

Don’t we love those words? “But God…”

But God didn’t let me stay there. It took longer than I like to admit, but during those years, God clearly orchestrated life events and put people in my life who helped lead me deeper into a true relationship with Jesus. My heart began to really long for Him and for fellowship with other Christ-followers.

After moving to the Houston area in late 2008, I found great joy in ministry service as a volunteer for Operation Christmas Child. However, I never quite found what felt like my church home until I began visiting Faith Bible Church – and then Covid hit after just a few weeks.

I continued to watch online and learn from the excellent Biblical teaching. When things opened up again, I eventually got involved with re:generation to work through some of my life’s baggage, and I also found my place in the Women’s Bible Study ministry. It is such a joy to help facilitate the Tuesday evening study and learn from, and with, such amazing women. They have become treasured sisters and friends.

I’m so thankful that Jesus tenderly brought me back into His fold, and that He has now richly blessed me with my church home at Faith Bible Church.
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